Bar Review: Flannery’s Bar


It doesn’t get any more classic than Flannery’s Irish Pub in the West Village of NYC. Whether you’re looking just to relax at the bar by your lonesome with an ice cold drink or mingle with some of the college crowd from the neighborhood on Friday and Saturday nights.

Don’t expect anything flashy but friendly staff and great beer. Here is the breakdown on Flannery’s Bar located on 14th Street and 7th Avenue.

Drinks: There aren’t any drink specials to brag about but the awesome guys behind the bar will definitely give you a ‘buy back’ once you earn it, usually after three beers. The recommendation always goes up to the same bartender to order your drinks once they’ve got more than one behind the bar so they’ll remember your face and your tips. They definitely have one the best Guinness in New York City that you shouldn’t go without trying. They don’t have much in wine but house stuff and domestic beers like bottled Bud is probably the cheapest to buy.

Food: They don’t serve food but you’re more than welcome to bring food into the establishment. However, during holidays like St. Patrick’s Day, they do have free hot dogs and other sorts of food.

Entertainment: They’ve got several TV’s throughout the gigantic bar, including a huge projector screen in the back of the bar. They have a couple of dart boards, and they host a dart tournament every Wednesday. Flannery’s Bar also has a DJ every weekend and occasionally some live music as well. Their website isn’t updated at all ( so I would recommend calling ahead of time if you’re looking for some free music.

Ambiance: It’s a very friendly environment, the bartenders are classy guys, one whose name is Mush. It’s spacious, there are numerous booths and tables in the back of the bar. The main bar itself is long, giving you a great shot to get a seat anytime you arrive.

Flannery’s Bar is a great place to hit up with friends, or even by yourself before you know it, you’ll find yourself in a friendly conversation with the barkeep. I go there constantly and definitely will be going back, you should try it out, try a bit of old New York.

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