Jesse Heiman: From Extra to Extraordinary?

Remember that commercial of the chubby nerd that was making out with the hot model during this year’s Super Bowl?

Yeah? No? Maybe? Well that was Jesse Heiman and he’s making sure you don’t forget him.

There is a documentary, no release date at this time, in the works called “Jesse Heiman: World’s Greatest Extra” and it chronicles the rise or at least the attempt at stardom.

The film takes place over a year’s time and it’s a real heart-warming story of someone truly trying to chase their dreams professionally and evolve personally too. It also taps into the horrible judgmental side that still exists in people.

Apparently it took 50 takes for Heiman to nail the scene with the model.

Believe it or not, the GoDaddy commercial was probably not the first time that you saw Heiman on screen. He’s appeared as an extra in many big movies and TV shows, which include “The Social Network,” “Parks and Recreation,” “The Big Bang Theaory,” “The Mindy Project” and even a personal favorite of mine, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.”

If you’d like to see the film come to fruition, you can donate to their Kickstarter campaign here.

Do you think he’s got what it takes to make it in Hollywood?


Album Review: “Distiller” by Carolina Still

“Distiller” smells of authenticity.

It’s got the banjo, pig calls and the fiddle, that not enough for you? They speak of old ways and tradition that make you want to pour your favorite whiskey and just enjoy the day.

The 12-song record from the unsigned band is authentic enough to push Carolina Still to the forefront of the bluegrass genre.

The rap game has its leaders and names: Lil’ Wayne, Jay-Z, Eminem, rock has got its big names: AC/DC and so on, bluegrass…nothing comes to mind right?

The record is quick in melody and intense in themes. You’ll hear stories of jail time, murder and running from police. You could call them storytellers of sorts.

I digress, some of the standout tracks on the album are “That .44 Gun,” “Erastus Clay” and “Six Gun Sadie.”

“That .44 Gun” mixes the banjo and the fiddle and speaks on a man who made a decision he regrets all thanks to the pistol. You’ll feel the pain, the remorse of a man who knows he won’t be free. He even tells his woman not to be there when he passes.

Songs like this stereotypically come off as depressing but Carolina Still put some sort of creative spin on it to make sure that isn’t the case.

You got to love a record that doesn’t wear you out, “Distiller” only has one track over four minutes long. There are even a few instrumentals mixed in the album.

The boys do a great job of setting imagery and the mood within each song.

For some snippets of the record check the video above.

Best of the Best in Music 2010 (IMM Music Awards)

Man, what an amazing year in music. Eminem got back on his feet with an amazing record in Recovery, Kanye West used his bad rep to put together a great record in My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. So what was the best in music? What was the best verse? The best album of the year? Best album from a duo or group?

Drum roll, please…Here is the best of the best in music for the year 2010.

The best verse on a hip-hop/rap record: This honor goes to Slim Shady for his verse on “No Love,” which featured Lil’ Weezy. While every track on Recovery was his best step in the right direction in nearly 10 years, his verse on “No Love” let you know he was back and taking on all-comers once again.

Best Album I missed out on: I’ve fallen in love with Teen Dream from Beach House and I haven’t even heard the entire record yet. I saw them perform on Conan O’Brien and they’ve got me interested in finding out more about them.

Best album of unreleased tracks: This distinction goes to The Boss, Bruce Springsteen, for the release of The Promise. It was a double-disc set that kind of made me yearn for Bruce to return to this form of songwriting instead of the time-sensitive stuff he’s been on for the past couple of years.

Best album you probably didn’t hear in 2010: You’ll be hearing from this group in 2011 and beyond. I’m talking about Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds. They released their debut album in 2010 and I couldn’t stop listening to it. It’s a classic sounding album that will give you hope that great ‘new’ music is still out there.

The best album by a duo or group: If you haven’t heard of The Big Black & The Blue from the Swedish sister-duo in First Aid Kit, you’re missing out. They have the ability to blend songwriting beyond their years with instrumentals that will make you fall in love with their sound instantly.

The best hip-hop/rap album of the year: This easily comes down to Kanye West and Eminem’s new record. You may think I’m being biased but I’d have to go with Eminem. Mr. Mathers tried a lot of new things on this record, collaborating with females, stayed away from silly songs like those of ‘will the real slim shady please stand up.’ Mr. West definitely had a lot of great tracks but it was just more of the same behind smoke-and-mirrors of him looking to make up for his mistakes.

The best album of the year: From top to bottom, vocals, songwriting, tried something new, you had fun listening to it? It’s got to be Brothers by The Black Keys. There isn’t a bad song on this album and it doesn’t sound like anything they’ve played before. These guys are cool without trying to be ‘cool.’ It’ll be interesting to see how they follow up such an awesome record.

What were some of your favorites in music this year?

Bar Review: Flannery’s Bar


It doesn’t get any more classic than Flannery’s Irish Pub in the West Village of NYC. Whether you’re looking just to relax at the bar by your lonesome with an ice cold drink or mingle with some of the college crowd from the neighborhood on Friday and Saturday nights.

Don’t expect anything flashy but friendly staff and great beer. Here is the breakdown on Flannery’s Bar located on 14th Street and 7th Avenue.

Drinks: There aren’t any drink specials to brag about but the awesome guys behind the bar will definitely give you a ‘buy back’ once you earn it, usually after three beers. The recommendation always goes up to the same bartender to order your drinks once they’ve got more than one behind the bar so they’ll remember your face and your tips. They definitely have one the best Guinness in New York City that you shouldn’t go without trying. They don’t have much in wine but house stuff and domestic beers like bottled Bud is probably the cheapest to buy.

Food: They don’t serve food but you’re more than welcome to bring food into the establishment. However, during holidays like St. Patrick’s Day, they do have free hot dogs and other sorts of food.

Entertainment: They’ve got several TV’s throughout the gigantic bar, including a huge projector screen in the back of the bar. They have a couple of dart boards, and they host a dart tournament every Wednesday. Flannery’s Bar also has a DJ every weekend and occasionally some live music as well. Their website isn’t updated at all ( so I would recommend calling ahead of time if you’re looking for some free music.

Ambiance: It’s a very friendly environment, the bartenders are classy guys, one whose name is Mush. It’s spacious, there are numerous booths and tables in the back of the bar. The main bar itself is long, giving you a great shot to get a seat anytime you arrive.

Flannery’s Bar is a great place to hit up with friends, or even by yourself before you know it, you’ll find yourself in a friendly conversation with the barkeep. I go there constantly and definitely will be going back, you should try it out, try a bit of old New York.

2010 FIFA World Cup Preview

2010 FIFA World Cup playing field of Mbombela Stadium

The time has almost come, where the top 32 nations come together to compete in the world’s most popular sport. The 2010 World Cup kicks off this Friday, host country South Africa is pitted against Mexico in the inaugural match of this year’s festivities. Being the first African nation ever to host a FIFA World Cup, South Africa or Bafana Bafana (the boys) as they have been referred to has the pressure of their entire country on their shoulders. There seems to be no lack of drama or storylines in this year’s World Cup, the anticipation has been building as we draw closer to the start of this once in every-four-year-event.

Teams, to watch? Host nation South Africa might have the best chance of going the farthest this year, in no means did Bafana Bafana get an easy draw, facing the likes of France, Uruguay, and Mexico, it will take a lot of the young South African team to advance past the first round. The biggest issue with this team seems to be the lack of scoring, and their ringleader/midfielder Steven Pienaar might have to get this team to jump through hoops especially with their best striker Benni McCarthy missing in action right now. Expect France and Mexico to find a way out of this draw since it seems as though they always find a way out of the first round.

Defending champs, Italy, showed what a team who was offensively challenged but dominant on defense could do. They’ve retrieved a favorable draw, grouping against New Zealand, Slovakia, and Paraguay, expect them to dominate this group fairly easily. The sleeper nation is Paraguay led by their Argentine head coach, Gerardo Martino, and superstar, Roque Santa Cruz, this team may go farther than some think. With arguably the best coach in the world, Marcello Lippi, and maybe the strongest defense in the field, expect a lot out of the Italian team this year.

After their second place finishes in last year’s FIFA Confederation Cup, the United States nation team has never seemed more in line for a big-time run than in this year’s tournament. Coach, Bill Bradley, has a young and eager American team led by no other than, Landon Donovan, who seems to be surrounded by more talent than ever with the likes of Oguchi Onyewu, Michael Bradley, Jozy Altidore, Tim Howard and Clint Dempsey. Will the tragic loss of Charles Davies, who after a car accident broke his leg, affect this U.S. national team? There will have to be a lot of questions answered and a lot of production needed if this team is finally going to be taken as a serious contender against the rest of the footbol playing world.

Wayne Rooney

Player Updates: It seems as though the 2010 World Cup has been flooded by a rash of high-profile injuries. Previously mentioned Charlie Davies hasn’t been the only star player bitten by the injury bug. The Ivory Coast’s own, Didier Drogba, arguably their best player is in danger of missing the tournament after breaking his arm in a friendly match against Japan. The team’s success is greatly hinged on the health of Drogba. Fellow African, Michael Essien will miss this summer’s matches after a year plagued by knee and hamstring injuries, seriously injuring the hopes of Ghana’s national team. Nani, Portugal’s fantastic winger will miss this summer’s big event leaving the prettiest man in sports, Christiano Ronaldo, missing his right-hand man. Let’s see if the mastery of Ronaldo is enough to overcome this huge loss. No country may have been affected more by injuries than the U.S. first round opponent, England. Not only do they lose a legend in David Beckham, who would of most likely been participating in his last World Cup ever, but they lose their team captain, Rio Fernand. It looks like it’s up to superstar, Wayne Rooney, to carry the scoring and leadership role for England.

Prediction: Whenever we talk about the sport of soccer, we are compelled to speak of the Brazilians and their dominance. They are again the favorite to win a star on their jerseys in 2010. Watch out for Spain after a strong showing at the Confederation Cup last year, they are also a strong contender to win it all, but the best player in the universe, Lionel Messi coached by legendary Diego Maradona, possess a strong, experienced national team that is poised to win it all in 2010.