Best of the Best in Music 2010 (IMM Music Awards)

Man, what an amazing year in music. Eminem got back on his feet with an amazing record in Recovery, Kanye West used his bad rep to put together a great record in My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. So what was the best in music? What was the best verse? The best album of the year? Best album from a duo or group?

Drum roll, please…Here is the best of the best in music for the year 2010.

The best verse on a hip-hop/rap record: This honor goes to Slim Shady for his verse on “No Love,” which featured Lil’ Weezy. While every track on Recovery was his best step in the right direction in nearly 10 years, his verse on “No Love” let you know he was back and taking on all-comers once again.

Best Album I missed out on: I’ve fallen in love with Teen Dream from Beach House and I haven’t even heard the entire record yet. I saw them perform on Conan O’Brien and they’ve got me interested in finding out more about them.

Best album of unreleased tracks: This distinction goes to The Boss, Bruce Springsteen, for the release of The Promise. It was a double-disc set that kind of made me yearn for Bruce to return to this form of songwriting instead of the time-sensitive stuff he’s been on for the past couple of years.

Best album you probably didn’t hear in 2010: You’ll be hearing from this group in 2011 and beyond. I’m talking about Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds. They released their debut album in 2010 and I couldn’t stop listening to it. It’s a classic sounding album that will give you hope that great ‘new’ music is still out there.

The best album by a duo or group: If you haven’t heard of The Big Black & The Blue from the Swedish sister-duo in First Aid Kit, you’re missing out. They have the ability to blend songwriting beyond their years with instrumentals that will make you fall in love with their sound instantly.

The best hip-hop/rap album of the year: This easily comes down to Kanye West and Eminem’s new record. You may think I’m being biased but I’d have to go with Eminem. Mr. Mathers tried a lot of new things on this record, collaborating with females, stayed away from silly songs like those of ‘will the real slim shady please stand up.’ Mr. West definitely had a lot of great tracks but it was just more of the same behind smoke-and-mirrors of him looking to make up for his mistakes.

The best album of the year: From top to bottom, vocals, songwriting, tried something new, you had fun listening to it? It’s got to be Brothers by The Black Keys. There isn’t a bad song on this album and it doesn’t sound like anything they’ve played before. These guys are cool without trying to be ‘cool.’ It’ll be interesting to see how they follow up such an awesome record.

What were some of your favorites in music this year?