4 Reasons Why You May Need Dental Fillings

Visiting the dentist may be a headache. However, it is necessary unless you want to have bad oral health. A dental filling is an easy procedure that aids in guarding against additional harm to your teeth. So if you need one, it is advisable to get one. It is likely that if you have a toothache, your teeth require dental fillings Pearland. It is always important to take action immediately to stop the discomfort from worsening.

Your teeth may require fillings for a variety of reasons. Below are a few of them.

1.   You have a cracked tooth

Contrary to popular belief, cracked teeth are more frequent. When experiencing dental pain, some people don’t even realize they have a fractured tooth until they visit the dentist. A broken tooth isn’t necessarily the result of trauma or hard biting. In actuality, clenching or grinding are frequently the cause of damaged teeth.

You may be able to tell when your tooth has fractured. You will likely have broken a tooth if you bite down on anything hard, such as a popcorn kernel or a fruit stone, and hear or feel a crunching sound. If you find a cracked tooth, early treatment is easy. A dentist may only clean the region to get rid of bacteria and offer you a dental cleaning depending on the severity of the crack.

2.   You have small holes

Your teeth might have tiny holes if you feel discomfort or sensitivity. Small gaps in teeth can trap food particles or tartar, leading to a bacterial buildup. Your teeth may begin to deteriorate if this occurs. In this situation, a dentist will advise getting a filling to stop future deterioration.

You might not even be aware that you have minor dental damage occasionally. You won’t always feel discomfort or sensitivity from them. It is crucial to see a dentist often so they can see any prospective locations needing this particular dental surgery.

3.   You have chipped teeth

In most cases, it is simple to spot a chipped tooth. You will undoubtedly notice if you chip your teeth while eating, in an accident, or from an injury. If your tooth is chipped, you should be able to see it, though occasionally, it might be challenging to detect. It is thus always advisable to see a dentist.

Chipped teeth can happen when you walk into something, whack your face with an object, fall, or smash your mouth. A chipped tooth can sometimes result from grinding or clenching, like cracks. Your dentist will use a specific filling to rebuild the tooth’s outer layer if it has chipped.

4.   Replacement of a Filling

Dental fillings are temporary. As time passes, fillings may deteriorate from eating or fracture or chip. Fillings in the teeth may become loosened and fall off. If this occurs, you may or may not notice. People can feel tooth pain brought on by a bacterial buildup or exposure to the nerve before realizing their dental filling has fallen out.

Getting the filling changed before this develops is advisable because if it does, you will require a root canal procedure or have the tooth removed. Therefore, it is crucial to have frequent dental checkups so these issues may be detected early.

You may need dental fillings if you have cavities, cracked teeth, small holes in your teeth, and chipped teeth. Call TLN Family Dental to schedule your appointment for dental fillings.

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