5 Benefits of Seeing an Otolaryngologist

Although the first health care provider you would see when seeking is a primary doctor, sometimes you may need special care from an otolaryngologist. An otolaryngologist cares for patients with ear, nose, and neck issues, and since the term might be hard to pronounce, you will hear people referring to them as ENT doctors. Thus, you should find Otolaryngology Newport Beach, CA center which meets your needs. Here is why you should see an otolaryngologist.

They Treat Chronic Ear Infections

Although kids below two years are susceptible to chronic ear infections due to the size and ear shape, anyone can suffer from chronic ear infections. These infections target the air-filled space behind the eardrum. The infection may recur if you suffer from congestion and swelling in the ear; the swelling may be associated with cold, flu, and allergies.

These infections might be painful, leading to extreme fever, loss of balance, headaches, and in some cases, the loss of hearing. Thus, recurring chronic ear infections lead to delayed speech, social, and developmental milestones. The otolaryngologist will conduct ear tube treatment where they create a tiny hole in the eardrum, making it easy to suck the fluid out of the ear. After sucking out the fluid, the doctor will place a tiny tube that ventilates the ear and prevent fluid buildup in the future. These tubes might remain in the ear for almost two years and fall out by themselves.

They Correct Hearing Loss

The otolaryngologist works closely with an audiologist to treat hearing loss due to ear infections, earwax build up and the rapture of the eardrum. The hearing loss may occur once and get fixed naturally, but you should see an otolaryngologist if you have hearing loss over days or once.

They Treat Dizziness/ Vertigo

The eardrum issues might cause a lack of balance and dizziness; thus, it is better to see an otolaryngologist when you experience vertigo. The dizziness may occur due to calcium crystal buildup in the inner ear being dislodged from the normal position. Thus, an otolaryngologist will provide a solution for the dizziness which occurs when you stand abruptly and help steady your footing and ease vertigo symptoms.

They Treat Chronic Stuffy Nose

The chronic stuffy nose may occur due to sinusitis which causes swollen and inflamed airways. The inflammation may interfere with mucus draining, making the nose stuffy. The eyes will feel tender due to a stuffed nose, and you may develop discolored discharge from the nose and find breathing difficult. The otolaryngologist will treat nasal polyps, deviated nasal septum, and repeated respiratory infections associated with a stuffy nose.

They Treat Sore Throat and Tonsillitis

An otolaryngologist will treat the inflammation in the throat, which is associated with soreness and tonsillitis. They may alleviate the symptoms such as difficulty swallowing and tenderness in the throat. Thus, getting a prompt diagnosis for tonsillitis is better for managing the condition effectively and preventing it from recurring in the future.

You may see a primary doctor first when you visit the hospital as that diagnoses and treats different health conditions. However, they will recommend an otolaryngologist if they think you have ENT issues. You should see an otolaryngologist as they deal with a stuffy nose, chronic ear infections, tonsillitis, and loss of hearing.

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