5 Tips for Taking Care of Your Invisalign Trays

Having crooked and misaligned teeth can negatively affect your smile and quality of life. Fortunately, Invisalign Midtown West Manhattan can straighten your teeth and improve your smile. Since Invisalign are clear, they are perfect for adults and teenagers who want straight teeth without a conspicuous mouthful of metal hardware that has been set in place.

However, you must ensure you are taking good care of your Invisalign if you want the most benefit from them. Here are tips to take care of your Invisalign;

1.   Clean your aligners regularly

Cleaning your Invisalign trays often is one of the best methods to take care of them. Clean your clear aligners when you brush your teeth in the morning and at night. To accomplish this, carefully clean both of your aligners with toothpaste and a soft toothbrush. Doing this may eliminate the germs in your aligners that would otherwise harm your teeth or your health.

2.   Keep them in their case at all times

After removing and cleaning your Invisalign, dry them, and be sure you always put them back in their case and close them. When you keep them out in the open, they are vulnerable to several microorganisms that could damage your teeth or other environmental elements that might weaken, damage, or shatter them. Keep your case with you always, and remember to clean your Invisalign before replacing them in your mouth.

Additionally, by keeping them in their closed case, you may prevent external factors from changing their form in a way like expanding or shrinking that would make them uncomfortable to use in your mouth and less effective.

3.   Remember to brush and floss every time you take out your Invisalign

Plaque or food particles might become lodged in your teeth or gums for a very long time if they are there when you put your aligners on. Your dental health may suffer from this since it may produce problems like cavities or periodontitis. Just remember to clean and wash your teeth before putting on your Invisalign.

4.   Use the right products

When cleaning your Invisalign, avoid using scented or colored soaps and toothpaste. These products could leave some pigments behind and tarnish your Invisalign’s clear look. These might leave an unpleasant taste on your aligners and give you foul breath.

Also, avoid cleaning your aligners with abrasive materials like harsh soaps,   mouthwash, or toothpaste. Your trays will gradually lose their allure and become drab due to their damage. Additionally, they can make your aligners brittle and shatter them.

5.   Rinse your aligners when you take them out

The advantage of using Invisalign aligners is that you may wear them all day long and take them out as needed. You have several opportunities because of this to keep them clean. However, rinsing your aligners is the next best thing you can do when you cannot clean them, such as when you are away from home.

Rinsing your Invisalign will help eliminate any leftover saliva or plaque that can promote the development of bacteria on your aligners. Look for flowing water so you may rinse your aligners before removing them.

Invisalign can help you improve your smile and self-esteem. Call Carnegie Dental Wellness to learn more about how to take care of your Invisalign trays.