6 Common Misconceptions Revolving Around the Veneers

Individuals have used different options to enhance their smile’s appearance in the evolving world. Cosmetic solutions usually differ in effectiveness, cost and application procedure. Seeking a remedy for your teeth issue is no longer a hassle like it used to be in the past. For instance, if you have chipped or discolored teeth, the veneers Irvine can effectively help you reclaim your smile without surgery and at an affordable cost. However, the popularity of veneers has sparked some of the following misconceptions you should never believe.

The Veneers Are Purely Cosmetic

Although veneers are popularly known to enhance the smile, their application goes beyond the cosmetic field. Notably, the porcelain veneers on the chipped teeth help prevent tooth decay that would otherwise increase the risk of tooth loss. In addition, the veneers help to mask teeth discolorations which maintains your emotional wellness by boosting your confidence.

You Can Only Get the Veneers to Fix the Front Teeth

In many advertisement boards, the veneers appear in the front teeth. This instance has left many believing that these thin coverings are only limited to the front teeth. However, the reality is that the veneers are versatile, and the specialists can place them on all the teeth with deformities such as minor gaps.

The Veneers Will Stain Eventually

Although the composite veneers are vulnerable to stains with time, the porcelain veneers do not get stains. The uniqueness of the latter has increased their demand since the patients want a remedy that does not restrict them from taking certain drinks such as coffee. The porcelain veneers will provide a desirable match to the natural teeth.

The Placement of Veneers Is Painful

The mention of the veneers leaves many people concerned that the procedure of getting these coverings is painful. However, the reality is that in modern days, the specialist will apply anesthesia before introducing the veneers to the teeth. The anesthesia helps to ensure you are relaxed by alleviating any discomfort that could arise during the procedure.

The Veneers Are Delicate

Some individuals are still concerned with the veneers’ strength, claiming they are fragile. However, this is only the fiction that spread due to the movies in the 1930s where the star could only wear the veneers for a few, afraid that they would break. However, modern veneers made of ceramics are even stronger than the enamel of natural teeth.

The Veneer Needs Extra Care

You may think that your lifestyle will change after getting the veneers, but you are mistaken. The veneers do not require you to embrace many changes in oral health and other habits. For instance, you can continue brushing your teeth at least twice daily like you used to do before the veneers. However, you may have to shift from using abrasive toothpaste to gel toothpaste to maintain the strength of the veneers.

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