6 Signs You’re Entering Menopause

Most women wake up one day and realize they are in menopause. All the planning, medical covers, and arrangements go out the window when reality sets in. But you shouldn’t be like most women. Menopause is not a death sentence but needs intentional preparation to cope with the hot flashes and occasional discomfort. Our resident gynecologist Marion, points out the signs indicative of perimenopause.

Read on to understand the common and not-so-common signs you’re entering menopause.

1. Your Periods are Irregular

Your menstrual cycle is shorter than 21 days, and the flow is heavy or light. Sometimes you miss a month or two of your periods, and you aren’t sick. All those are the tell-tale signs of the perimenopause stage. The change in estrogen levels elicits irregular flow. If you can’t predict your period cycle, then you may be entering menopause.

2. Trouble Sleeping

Lying in bed, twisting and turning until the wee hours of the morning. If that sounds like you, newsflash, you may be entering menopause. Menopause disrupts your sleep pattern because of hormonal imbalance. Some women will have trouble falling asleep, while others will wake up in the middle of the night. Sometimes you may wake up in a pool of sweat. There are natural and synthetic hormone treatment plans to restore the regular wake cycle.

3. Splotchy Skin

Red spots on your skin are not always skin-related complications, but you already know if you use skincare products. Splotchy skin can result from hot flashes, common for up to 85 percent of women who experience them. Hot flashes are; sudden surges of heat on your body that defy your natural thermostat. Hot flashes may masquerade as flu which renders hot flashes an inaccurate metric to determine if you are entering menopause.

4. Mood Swings

Suddenly, your coffee tastes like crap. Your hubby’s voice irritates you. You don’t like how the sun shines. Being snappy and irritable at almost anyone and anything without any apparent reason. The culprit is menopause, which causes decreasing serotonin levels and sleep deprivation; all form a cocktail of mood swings bordering on irritability. Mood swings are usually common in your 40s to 50s. Try to avoid engaging in stressful situations when you notice mood swings.

5. Gaining Weight

If you can’t explain your missing waistline and the increasing love handles on your tummy, do not fret. We know you haven’t increased your calorie intake and are regularly exercising. The rapid weight gain around the belly is due to estrogen levels declining. Estrogen protects against weight gain. Also, during menopause, your metabolism plummets, which means the body will store food as fat rather than use it as energy.

6. Decreased Libido

We aren’t talking about the occasional disinterest in sex. We mean, sex isn’t appealing to you, and even when you try, it’s painful. Decreased libido detracts from the quality of your sex life. There may be other emotional and physical culprits for the decreased sex drive. Only a certified gynecologist can rule out other causes.


Menopause can occur at any age, from the late thirties to the early sixties. It is best to have a partner like Marion Ob/Gyn Inc, which offers comprehensive gynecology services from pre- to post-menopause. Contact us today at 740-204-6667 to learn more about your reproductive health.