Dental Health; The Basics

Achieving your optimal oral health does not have to be expensive. It is the little things, including the daily habits you do to better your dental health. In addition to caring about your teeth, did you know that the gums matter too? Ensure you clean them for overall dental health. If you want to protect your dental health, you also need to make your dentist a friend. The South Bay dentist Dan Samet and the team at Dental Arts of South Bay offer comprehensive oral care for both children and adults to grow a healthy and smiling community. Here are the dental services that may transform your oral health and smile.


It involves dental techniques to correct and straighten crooked teeth and jaws. Orthodontics uses various permanent and removable appliances to restore your natural teeth’ position.

Depending on your problem, there are various orthodontic options to choose from, including retainers, aligners, Invisalign, and braces.

Orthodontics can help you solve the following dental issues.

  •         Missing teeth
  •         Overcrowding
  •         Misaligned or crooked teeth
  •         Widely spaced teeth

Orthodontics helps solve these oral problems to prevent issues such as

  •         Periodontal disease
  •         Tooth loss and tooth decay
  •         Stress on the jaws causing premature wear
  •         Teeth chipping and cracking

Dental implants

Besides being an aesthetic problem, missing teeth can cause oral health problems such as bone loss. Tooth loss also affects your teeth function, including chewing and speaking orbiting.

Dental implants allow bringing back your smile by replacing the lost teeth. The treatment involves placing metal tooth roots on your jawbone. The implants merge with the jawbone, enhancing bone tissue stimulation and supporting the crown and the rest of the teeth.

Dental implants are durable, offering a permanent solution to your missing teeth. They serve as your natural teeth, enhancing your teeth functions such as chewing. Unlike other teeth restoration methods, they promote bone growth, preventing bone resorption.

Teeth cleaning

It is a preventive dental technique that promotes oral health. In addition to your daily oral hygiene habits, it helps maintain your dental health.

Usually, with routine brushing and flossing, you remove any food particles and deposits between your gums and teeth. Professional teeth cleaning allows you to reach the debris or food deposits you could not reach with regular brushing.

Teeth cleaning involves your provider using some dental equipment to remove plaque and tartar from your teeth. The procedure is comfortable and prevents your risk of oral issues such as gum disease. Usually, it’s advisable to have teeth cleaned twice a year.

 Cosmetic dentistry

It includes dental techniques to improve your smile by restoring the natural appearance of your teeth. Besides cosmetic reasons, cosmetic dentistry improves your oral health. Cosmetic dentistry includes the following;

  •         Veneers
  •         Teeth whitening
  •         Dental implants
  •         Crowns
  •         Bridges
  •         Fillings
  •         Invisalign
  •         Laser dentistry

You can benefit from cosmetic dentistry if you have dental issues such as missing teeth, broken or misshapen teeth, and stained teeth.

Oral health does not only enhance a good smile but improves your overall health too. Regular dental care is essential to avoid dental complications and improve your smile. Call Dental Arts of South Bay today for all your dental health needs.