Foolproof Tips For Learning English

Foolproof Tips For Learning English

Who wouldn’t like to speak fluent English? The language is spoken worldwide, and those who know it can do very well on travels, studies, and in the job market as it is never too much to say that without effort, dedication, and, above all, a good dose of patience, no effort will yield results. We have set aside some guidelines to increase your chances of success in learning the English language which can be learnt through English Tutoring Online (ติว อังกฤษ ออนไลน์ which is the term in Thai) for example.

1. Organization/Space

Just like when you go on a diet, the first steps are to fill the fridge with vegetables, fruits, and vegetables and get rid of all the goodies in the house. Before starting to study English, it is necessary to organize a space for this. It is essential to have adequate, silent, bright, and pleasant space to concentrate on your studies. A table, which is always tidy, and a computer with the necessary equipment, such as headphones or speakers, microphone, paper, and online dictionaries, books for consultation, etc. These tools will allow you to dedicate yourself to your studies and make the most available time.

2. Planning/Time

List all your activities and the time you spend on them. Be honest with yourself and assess whether you will be able to include studying English in your schedule. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, that there’s no way out, you’ll need to prioritize and let go of some (or a few) of the items on your list.

3. Regularity

Once you’ve decided how much time out of your routine will be devoted to studying the English language, you must allocate your study hours so that you don’t leave too much space between them. It is more productive, for example, to study four times a week, one hour a day, than four hours on the same day.

 4. Exhibition

Don’t miss the opportunity to be exposed to the language. Even if you don’t live in a country where the spoken language is English, you can still access the spoken and written language through movies, music, TV shows, CNN, books, newspapers, magazines, etc. If your TV has the feature, press the SAP key whenever possible; that is, watch the programming in the original language. Exposure is the most natural and efficient way to gradually acquire vocabulary and assimilate the constructions of a foreign language.

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