Furniture Moving 101: How To Move and Store Your Furniture Properly

One of the struggles of moving from one place to another is packing everything you need to bring. If it is already hard to fit all the clothes and essentials you need in a suitcase for a brief overseas journey, how much more if you need to move your entire household to a new town?

Aside from the clothes, one of the most difficult to bring and transport when moving is the furniture. From your humongous wooden wardrobe to the mahogany dining table, transporting this furniture may need an extra hand. Thankfully, there are moving services in Singapore that are expert in handling huge appliances and furniture pieces. All you need to do is to prepare them. Yet, you can always move your furniture on your own.

Self-Moving vs Moving Services: Which Is Better?

Furniture moving in Singapore is such a dreadful task. There are lots of things you need to worry about, including how you will pack these pieces of furniture, how you will transport them, and how you will settle them in the new place.

People have two options in moving furniture: moving it by yourself or hiring a movers company in Singapore

The question is, which is a more convenient, efficient, and effective method? 



One of the greatest advantages of packing and transporting furniture by yourself is saving money from paying moving services in Singapore to do the job for you. 

Moving by yourself is really cost-effective, especially if you are only moving next doors and nearby. You can use carts and carriers to move in and out items from your old room to your new place. 

If you are transporting your furniture between longer distances, you may need to rent a moving truck to carry all your items at once. Some hired trucks are much cheaper than furniture moving services in Singapore. 

However, do-it-yourself movers may need to spend on packing materials such as boxes, containers, bags, and tapes. People may need to spend more time packing stuff and carrying them to the truck.

Complete Control of the Process

From packing to transporting, DIY movers have complete control of the process. DIY movers can organise the packing based on their liking, whether using one box for all kitchen materials or separating fragile and non-fragile kitchen tools.

If you are extra careful, you can wrap all your items with paper or plastic to prevent damage. Moving services in Singapore have their methods of packing, which can irk over controlling people. Some people may feel uncomfortable with having strangers handling his or her belongings. 

Follows Your Schedule

One of the advantages of moving by yourself is you follow your schedule. You can do the stuffing of your items over the weekend or do them after work. You have the option to file a leave or not at work with full control over your moving schedule.

You can also postpone yourfurniture moving around Singaporeif the weather is going against you. You can also do the moving gradually if it permits your schedule. 


Lots of Planning

Whether you are hiring amovers company in Singapore to help you or you are moving by yourself, you will still need a lot of planning. However, DIY movers need to consider the size of the vehicle to rent for the moving, the size, the schedule of packing and transporting. You may also have to decide which route is the most efficient if you are moving to a farther town. 

Lots of Work

DIY moving requires a lot of work and effort. Apart from disassembling your furniture by yourself, you also need to put them in a box piece by piece, making sure they are complete. 

You have to load them on your truck as well. You have to organise and arrange which box should go first and which containers can be stacked up safely. 

You can always ask for an extra hand from friends and families as well. Moving services in Singapore will do the packing and loading of stuff and the transport, easing the burden of the tasks. 

Time Consuming

Manually doing the moving and packing task is time-consuming, even with the help of relatives or friends. Even with complete control of the schedule, people can still get behind their time frames without proper organisation. Problems may also arise from time to time which can cause delay. 

It is difficult to disassemble furniture or move your humongous wardrobe, especially without any help. It can also lead to damages without professional help from furniture moving services in Singapore.



One of the advantages of hiring a furniture moving service in Singapore is they do all the work for you, from packing, providing all needed supplies, and transportation, according to your instructions.

Your chosen movers company in Singapore will arrange the most efficient route. Moving companies are highly knowledgeable about direction. They assure you to avoid bumpy and busy roads for a comfortable and safe journey. They also provide the most suitable truck for the delivery. They also have the appropriate equipment to make sure that your heavy furniture like the dining table or closet will be loaded on the lorry safely without damaging it. 

Ensures The Safety Of Your Belongings

Moving services in Singapore provide the right equipment and materials, such as moving straps, furniture pads and slides, cranes, to prevent damages to your furniture and items during the packing, transporting, and unboxing.

The movers or the staff wear the appropriate safety gears like protective grip gloves and are knowledgeable in handling furniture, fragile items, and electronic devices and appliances. They also know the techniques on efficient packing and loading of stuff, keeping all the boxes organised.

There arefurniture moving services in Singapore that offer insurance for your belongings in case of damaged and lost items. 

Less Work 

Full package service of a movers company in Singapore may also include packing care. The movers will disassemble the furniture and put them in a box for you. They also take care of the loading, transporting, and even reassembling of the furniture. All of the tasks are, of course, according to your instruction and under your supervision.

They also take care of renting the moving truck (they provide it as well) and driving your belongings to your new place. 

Furniture moving services in Singapore strictly follow the schedule, making sure you will not get behind your time frame. 


Follows The Schedule Religiously

It is inevitable to have unprecedented events arising along the way of moving. Some situations may require people to delay their moving temporarily. 

There are moving services in Singapore that follow the schedule religiously. Some companies state in their contracts that postponement and cancellation of service are not allowed. 

There are times of the year where furniture moving companies in Singapore are fully booked, so finding an available service on your moving date may be a problem. 


Basically, hiring amovers company in Singapore is more expensive than self-moving. The price of the mover companies varies depending on the kind of service you choose. Partial service may only include the loading and transportation of the furniture and boxes. Meanwhile, full package service may include the disassembling, packing, loading, transporting, unloading and reassembling of furniture and appliances. 

There are moving services that offer insurance, while unregistered or rogue moving services may not cover the damaged and lost item.

To hire or not to hire moving services in Singapore? It is the only remaining question for you. Weigh the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a furniture moving service in Singaporeand self-moving before you decide.

Once you make up your mind, the next step is how to prepare your furniture before moving. 

How To Prepare Your Furniture Before Moving

When moving into a new place, there are at least five things that can happen on your enormous furniture. The first is to bring them all to your new apartment or home. However, if you are moving into a smaller place, you can either sell your humongous wardrobe, give it to friends or donate to charities, put them in a storage unit, and lastly, discard them.

Here are the tips on how to prepare your furniture if you decide to bring it to your new place or place it in a storage unit.

Disassemble Your Furniture

Furniture like storage racks can be disassembled and reassembled. If you plan to move or store these kinds of furniture, it is better to dismantle them first. It is easy to put them in smaller containers and lighter to carry. It saves space, too, if you decide to keep it in a furniture storage unit in Singapore

Label The Boxes

It is better to keep all the parts of a disassembled furniture in a single box, yet make sure to keep the identical pieces in smaller bags. You can print a picture copy of all the complete parts and paste it into the box to be more organised. You can put labels, such as how many nuts and bolts are there for inventory.

Empty the Furniture

It is vital to empty furniture that can’t be dismantled, such as the closet, drawers, and storage, to reduce its weight. Put the content in a separate container so that carrying the furniture will be much easier.

Clean Your Furniture

Before loading your furniture moving schedule in Singapore, make sure to clean your wardrobe, storage racks, and tables. Make sure it is free of pests before wrapping it. Check for evidence of bed bugs infestation on your bed frame or termite infestation on your wardrobe. If you see signs of infestation, better not to bring it to your new place.

Wrap Your Furniture

You can use old linen sheets, car covers, and plastic wrap to cover your furniture that will be kept in a furniture storage unit in Singapore. The covers protect the item from dust and moisture damage.

Now that you know how to prepare your furniture for moving and storage, the last step is to choose the rightmovers company in Singapore. 

Qualities of A Good Moving Service Company in Singapore

Your chosen movers company in Singapore matters if you want a stress-free and smooth-sailing move. There are lots of options for moving services available in Singapore, but only a few of them deliver a good job and give value to your money. 

Here are the qualities of the best moving service provider:


It is important to choose afurniture moving service in Singaporethat has been in the business for a long time. Their longevity in the industry only proves their reputation, credibility, and experience in the service. You can search for their licences to operate or read some reviews about the service. 

Complete Equipment

You will know if your chosenmovers company in Singapore will get the job done quickly and safely if they have the right equipment. Cranes, moving straps, and grip floor pads ensure the safety of your belongings. They can also finish the job quickly with the right tools that simplify the work.

Transparent Billing

Reputablefurniture storage and moving services in Singaporeensure transparent billing. Make sure that your moving services offer a reasonable and honest price estimate. Read the contract before signing to ensure that there will be no hidden charges along the way. 

Skilled Staff

Reputable moving service companies provide staff who are highly skilled in handling any kind of furniture and have experience in long-distance moving. Make sure that your chosen movers company in Singapore provides their crew with the protective gears as well. 

Excellent Customer Service

It is essential to check the customer service of your chosen furniture storage and moving service in Singaporein case of minor issues and emergencies. They should be polite in answering your inquiries and professional in addressing issues. They should always be reachable at all times. 

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