Going for an International Trips: Why You Should Visit a Travel Clinic

Travel is exciting but can also be scary. Today, following the Covid-19 global pandemic, you know you need to be vaccinated to avoid quarantine measures upon arrival in many regions. Beyond the global pandemic, it is best to consider potential endemic diseases and receive appropriate vaccinations. Whether planning an international vacation or business trip, consulting your nurse practitioner Humble, TX, when preparing for travel can help you in many ways, including:

Immunizations recommendations

Are you up to date with your immunizations? While planning to cross borders, you research the required vaccinations before entry, for example, the yellow fever vaccine. It is a good start, but you might miss out on some vaccines with the potential misinformation. Visiting a travel clinic provides the chance to work with a professional. It ensures you get the recommended vaccinations following your medical situation.

For instance, you might be prone to routine ailments like the flu or measles. The specialist can help you avoid getting ill when exposed to other travelers like in planes or airports, among other close spaces. Preventing exotic travel-related ailments such as typhoid is a good start. Nonetheless, you can do a lot more like getting/ensuring you are up to date with vaccines for concerns like tetanus and pertussis, among other common travel-related risks. Professional recommendation gets your protection levels to such heights.

Medication tips

Vaccines offer a preventative level, but not for all concerns. Other concerns can affect your travels, for example:

  • Motion and altitude sickness
  • Malaria
  • Diarrhea
  • Bug bites, to mention a few concerns

While you might opt for over-the-counter medication, they are not always effective. This is especially considering your medical history. For example, OTC’s interaction with your active prescription can affect your overall health.

The travel vaccines specialist can equip you with the right medication to prevent or treat such concerns. Following your itinerary, they can equip you with tips such as insect repellents to pack, hydration measures, and other products. Medication tips are especially crucial for individuals with specific health concerns. This includes if:

  • You have a weakened immune system
  • Managing chronic illness and/or disabilities
  • Older adults, children, or pregnant women

Travel habits advise

Travel experiences can’t be complete without sampling the region’s unique offerings. This includes indulging in tasty cuisines. The travel specialist’s visit does not only entail getting shots and prescriptions. They help you take certain measures to avoid concerns like food and water-related illness.

For instance, when traveling to Caribbean countries, you are likely to eat contaminated fish, resulting in ciguatera. When visiting the Dominican Republic, you need to avoid contaminated water and food to avoid cholera. With such information at your fingertips, your travels won’t be cut short by illness. The locals are used to the exposure, but you need to limit habits that increase the risks of getting ill, like consuming:

  • Street food
  • Fountain drinks, tap/well water
  • Unpasteurized dairy
  • Raw and cut up fruits and veggies, to mention a few

As you prepare for your next trip, kick your efforts a notch higher by considering more than the usual vaccines. Visit Calvary Urgent Care to ensure your vaccinations are up to date and get more information to help you supercharge your health as you cross borders.