How To Refurbish Your Wood Fence By Hiring Pressure Washing Services

Fencing company Leeds installed wood fences evoke a different kind of charm. But over time, they can lose their beauty once they start to collect dirt and grime and become dull and gray. But, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars just to replace them — because by hiring a reputable pressure washer service expert, you can refurbish your wood fence and bring back its luster at a cost-effective rate.

What Can Pressure Washers Do

Pressure washing machines are versatile cleaning tools. When properly used, they can make your home more sanitary — from walls to play equipment, from driveways to fences. They don’t only remove stains and grime, they can also get rid of growing plants in places where they shouldn’t. And if you’re planning to repair a certain surface on your home’s exterior, using the pressure washing technique can help you prepare and clean that specific area.

4 Reasons You Need To Hire Pressure Washing Services

Keeping Wood Fences Clean Through Pressure Washing

Typically, wood fences can last up to two decades — depending on your area’s climate and on the kind of wood used. Experts advise that professional cleaning and sealing or staining should be done every one to five years. This will help preserve the condition of your wood fence, prevent rotting and discoloration, and ultimately, prolong its life.

With the help of a professional pressure washer service, you can effectively clean wood fences and prevent them from prematurely undergoing wear and tear. Here’s how pressure washing on wood fences works:

Preparing the area. Before pressure-washing any surface, technicians need to prepare the immediate surroundings first. This includes removing any objects that can be damaged by water (e.g. Plants and decorations) and getting rid of any safety hazard. Direct access is needed between the user of the pressure washer and the surface that needs to be cleaned.

Using the proper setting. Up next is ensuring that the pressure washing machine has the right setting for the wood fence. Take note that a lower setting is enough to be able to remove dirt and debris. If there’s any paint that needs to be removed, a higher setting is required. The appropriate size of the nozzle is also needed in order to give out just the right amount of water pressure.

Repairing, staining, and sealing. Any repair, staining, and sealing should be done only after a wood fence has been cleaned and pressure-washed. Staining is done to bring color to your old fence while sealing is a process that adds a layer of protection.

Choosing A Pressure Washer Service Contractor

Knowing that pressure washing is an effective method of refurbishing your wood fence, the important thing you have to accomplish first is hiring a reputable contractor.

When doing this task, you have to be keen to details and be able to thoroughly research your prospective companies. Check their credentials and ask around if they are consistent in delivering top-quality services. It also pays to know if they use up-to-date gadgets and if their technicians are certified to perform the job. Take note that pressure washing machines require expertise before they can be effectively used — when a beginner uses them, water can be wasted and collateral damages can be acquired because of too much pressure.

With JCS Home Services’ pressure washer service, we can bring back the beauty of your home and remove dirt, mold, algae, and stains on the exterior of your home or outdoor furniture. Contact us today!