How to start in the transportation business?

Define what type of ground transportation service you are going to offer. You should start by conducting a market study to identify what type of fleet is most profitable for you. As a good administrator you must define if you focus on small, medium or large fleets, besides the type of business you do – heavy cargo transportation, freight transport and distribution, special transport service, pet transfer services, house moving services, and large machinery and tools transportation services.

In the market study you must also decide whether to lease the fleet, put it to work under your command or make strategic alliances with other companies in the sector. No matter the option you choose, you can find easy solution at Shiply. It is the largest online platform where you can get in touch with the best and affordable shipping carriers. Thousands of jobs for couriers are posted in this platform, each day. Just search the services you need, verify your demands, know the type of vehicle you require, ask for online quotes, and choose the reliable service.

Identify who your potential customers will be

Depending on the focus of your business, you will have to decide if you should approach the terminals, business centers, food companies, individual requirements, self-transportation, or the government to offer your services. Keep a list of your customers and try to create networks among other transport sectors in which they benefit each other. You can create connections with other companies or businesses that recommend you, gradually creating a base of potential or loyal customers. At this point it is also the key that you start some marketing strategies that include the use of social networks and the website. It is a key factor since most people in the world look for solutions through internet search engines.

Manage transportation costs efficiently

If you are thinking of investing in the land freight transportation business, even in a pandemic, it is important that you know what the expenses are and how to manage them. You need to pay more attention to the two highest items of operating cost – fuel consumption and vehicle maintenance and repair. One of the most effective solutions for the correct administration and optimization of these expenses is to have a digital fleet management system. More and more companies in the world use this type of software for their transport services companies since technology gives them control, productivity and consulting tools that are key to saving expenses and receiving greater profits.

It’s time to start working on your fleet profitability

Remember that positioning yourself as a visible, constant and reliable freight company is not a short way, but it is worth it. Concentrate on obtaining the necessary machinery, a trained staff, the necessary technology to optimize and improve the productivity of your operation and stand out from the competition. It will not be a job that generates positive results in the short term. It will be a constant trial and error that will allow you to learn and improve as a transport fleet. Keep in mind that this step will completely depend on the direction of your transport company, as well as income, failures or successes.

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