How to watch Blocked Content from HBO Now Nederland

HBO is one of the biggest TV content production companies in the world. It is home to several immensely successful TV shows. Naturally, people from all around the world are subscribed to their content. Earlier, users could sign up for HBO Netherlands on monthly subscriptions and get access to all the latest episodes. But, a company called Ziggo has permanently purchasedthe rights of HBO Now Netherlands.Watching HBO online from outside the country is nearly impossible. Only Ziggo subscribers have access to content from HBO Now. According to most customers, Ziggo is not up to the standards when it comes to efficient customer service.

How to Get an American HBO subscription

Getting an American HBO subscription is the only way of accessing HBO Now Nederland without any blockages. But to do so, users will have to invest in a VPN Network. There are many providers who help users get blocked HBO content.Some providers specialize in providing networks that allow high-quality streaming.The geographical blockades are totally bypassed as the VPN enables the user to connect to a US server and pose as an American on HBO’s website. Is that legal? Absolutely. Hiding user identity on the internet falls under the universal right to privacy. Browse the internet with total anonymity.

How to Get an American HBO Account

Non-USA users will find it difficult to get an American HBO abonnement. While the VPN will take care of the IP address and user-identity, the payment pages of the American HBO streaming service website demands payments from American credit cards. To bypass this hassle, users can purchase HBO gift cards online and use them to make payments. Once the payment is made and an American account is created, all the content that is available to all American users will be accessible.