Is Ferrero Rocher’s bouquet perfect for birthdays?

Ferrero Chocolate Bouquet for Valentine's {Tutorial} - Ting and Things

Have you ever tasted Ferrero Rocher? Yes, this chocolate is famous for its characteristic in the form of chocolate wafer balls combined with hazelnuts and the packaging is in gold foil. Ferrero Rocher chocolate is a premium product with a relatively expensive price compared to local chocolate.

Ferrero Rocher is a brand of chocolate candy created by confectionery company Ferrero SpA, which also makes Tic Tac and Nutella. This chocolate is made from wafers topped with hazelnuts and filled with hazelnut cream and on the outside covered in milk chocolate with crushed walnuts and hazelnuts. This candy contains 72 calories (304 kJ), this chocolate is sold in a box and wrapped in a gold-colored package.

In Australia, Canada, Brazil, Hong Kong, Singapore, Egypt, and Malaysia, the Ferrero Rocher is the most popular gift during the holidays, especially during the Lunar New Year. Chinese culture considers the gold-colored chocolate wrapper to symbolize good fortune and wealth.

Crispy chocolate-covered cress makes Ferrero Rocher loved by many. But many do not know interesting facts about Ferrero Rocher.

This round chocolate wrapped in gold paper from Italy is a favorite of many people in the world. The luxurious packaging makes this chocolate a gift that many people have been waiting for. Apparently, there are interesting facts behind the production of chocolate that has existed since 30 years ago.

Ferrero Rocher is a product of the pride of Michele Ferrero. Michele’s total wealth is 17 billion US dollars. Italian-born Michele is the owner of the chocolate company Ferrero SpA, one of the largest in Europe with estimated 2012 sales of 19 billion US dollars. Ferrero is Italy’s richest man, surpassing the fortune of Silvio Berlusconi in March 2008.

Ferrero Rocher has long been known as one of the chocolate brands that are quite popular with many people, including the people of Indonesia and Singapore. The crunchy texture thanks to the combination of wafers, chocolate, and chopped hazelnuts is delicious and melts in the mouth. Its distinctive round shape looks unique with its gold-colored wrapping paper. That’s why Ferrero Rocher chocolates are also often used as birthday gifts for loved ones. You can order it at  birthday gift delivery Singapore.

In Australia, Canada, Brazil, Hong Kong, Singapore, Egypt, and Malaysia, the Ferrero Rocher is the most popular holiday gift, especially during Christmas and New Year. In addition, Ferrero Rocher is also often used as a gift during Chinese New Year celebrations. Chinese culture considers the gold-colored chocolate wrapper to symbolize good fortune and wealth. Birthday gift delivery Singapore is the right place for Ferrero Rocher chocolates if you want to buy souvenirs and birthday gifts for loved ones.

As you know, Ferrero Rocher is a premium chocolate product whose price is relatively more expensive than chocolate in general. Ferrero Rocher has also been widely sold in the Singapore market through large shopping centers or supermarkets. Birthday gift delivery Singapore is the safest place and there are many variations to buy.

Birthday gift delivery Singapore by sending Ferrero Rocher chocolate bouquet singapore is now the right thing for you to be a special gift on your birthday. Of course, it will make your partner very happy because it looks elegant and romantic.

Ferrero Rocher is the world’s largest consumer of hazelnuts. This of course has to do with hazelnuts, which are the ingredients of Ferrero Rocher. Of the world’s total supply of hazelnuts, about 25% is used by Ferrero Rocher. And from the many consumers of Ferrero Rocher, many of whom are used as chocolate bouquet Singapore for gifts on special days.

Ferrero Rocher contains lecithin, which is often used as a medication for high cholesterol, depression, and anxiety. As a function, this chocolate is the most appropriate chocolate to give to your partner and those closest to you and don’t forget to use it as a chocolate bouquet Singapore  so that it gives the impression of a form of giving that adds to the support of the moment.

Excess wafers are cut to produce wafer balls. These balls are then coated with a layer of chocolate, a layer of chopped hazelnuts, and the final layer is chocolate before the chocolate is packaged and coated in gold. From the shape and manufacture alone, it is very elegant, suitable to be used as a chocolate bouquet Singapore  to be given as the perfect gift on birthdays and valentines to loved ones.

Ferrero Rocher chocolate which is milled in Italy has a Halal Certification Certificate from the National Independent Halaal Trust (NIHT), South Africa, which is one of the foreign halal certification bodies approved by JAKIM.

As a halal certification agency, JAKIM’s suggestion is to prioritize chocolate products that have a Malaysian Halal Certificate/Logo or an Overseas Halal Logo approved by JAKIM.

It is not only guaranteed to be halal, but the atosiban is holy, clean, safe, and follows the established halal standards and guidelines.

Now, Ferrero Rocher chocolate is halal, what are you waiting for guys to buy ? This delicious and delicious chocolate that has many functions is indeed the most suitable for birthday gifts, valentines, school graduation days, and many other special day moments. And don’t forget to make a bouquet plus red roses to make it more attractive and give a romantic impression.

Description: Ferrero Rocher chocolates are the perfect chocolate for birthday and other special day gifts that can be made into a romantic bouquet

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