Know the Difference between Real and Imitation Pearls

by admin | August 5, 2019 11:51 am

Pearls are subtle and beautiful. They blend so well with every outfit. You can wear them on casual gathering or fancy occasions. They are produced by living organisms and have been popularly used to design jewelry for centuries.

Its demand was so much that there arose a market for cheap imitation pearls. Several decades ago, imitation pearls could be identified easily but technology has enhanced them and today you can hardly distinguish them from the real ones.

The confusion is how you will differentiate between real and imitation. This makes gemstone buying process very challenging. You crave for the best pearls to make jewelry, so it becomes necessary to gain some knowledge necessary to get what you pay for. You get detailed information on[1].

Commonly pearls are white or ivory in color but today you get shades of yellow, pink, and even black. In the past pearls were found deep in the sea. To complete a pearl necklace, it took years. Now, real pearls are harvested and you can even see fake pearls in the market.

Some guidelines to help you see the difference clearly

Real pearls

Fake pearls

All the best in your pearl buying process!


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