Qualities To Look For In A Successful Executor 

Creating a will means making big decisions that will impact your family once you are gone. While dividing the assets and selecting beneficiaries, you will also have to choose an executor. An executor is a person who makes sure that all the terms of your Will are maintained. 

That being said, it is not easy to find a good executor. They have various obligations, from attending your funeral to filing your taxes and administering the Will. It is a time-taking job, so they must have free time as well. You must consider certain things before choosing an executor. Once you do, a San Antonio will planning lawyer can help you with future planning. 

Qualities to look for in a successful executor 

  • Trustworthy. 

An executor is a person who will be making important decisions regarding your family’s assets when you are no longer around. You want to make sure you choose someone you can trust blindly and have zero doubts about. This person should be completely trustworthy because they need to act solely on your behalf. They should not expect to gain anything out of it. 

  • Responsible. 

It goes without saying that an executor should be responsible. After all, they will be handling your estate once you pass away. This is a big responsibility, and you cannot leave it in the hands of a careless and reckless personality. 

A person does not necessarily need to be an attorney or a professional to become your executor. They only need to be responsible enough. However, if you do not have someone you can trust, you can hire someone in San Antonio. 

  • Ethical and dependable. 

An executor must be a good person. They must have good ethics and be someone you can count on. This is because they will become the only person who gets to take a look inside your estate plan. 

They will review your assets, determine liability, pay back creditors, and settle debts. An executor must remain confidential about the financial matters of a house. Therefore, choose someone you can trust with your finances. 

  • Willing to work. 

Suppose you have a daughter who is an accountant, so you pick her to be your executor. After all, she is your daughter whom you blindly trust, plus she is qualified to do a job like this. However, if she is not willing to do it, do not pick her. 

Not everyone would like the job of an executor, even if they are professionals. If you have someone in mind, ask them if they are willing to do the job rather than keeping it a secret. Nobody likes unexpected surprises when it comes to these matters. 

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