Reasons Why You Should Get Dental Implants

Several factors can lead to tooth loss, including an accident, tooth extraction, or tooth decay, which may, in turn, affect your oral health and smile aesthetics. Suppose you’re looking for durable tooth replacement prostheses. In that case, you can trust the New York, NY dental implant specialist at Intelligent Dental Group to recommend the best dental implants to meet your expectations.

An overview of dental implants

Dental implants are restorations that fill the gaps in your smile with titanium posts serving as artificial teeth, which look and function like your natural teeth. The skilled team at Intelligent Dental Group has years of experience performing dental implant surgeries, so you feel confident about the excellent results of your procedure. During the procedure, your provider inserts the titanium post into your jawbone to provide a steady anchor for your crown, bridge, or dentures. The practice offers a wide range of dental implants, and the team may explain the benefits and risks of each of those procedures before helping you choose the best option. Dental implant technology has become popular over the years because of its advantages over other restorative treatments. And with the current advanced technology, almost everyone can benefit from this treatment, even those who were earlier told they were not eligible candidates.

How you can benefit from dental implants

When contemplating filling the gaps in your smile, you have several options, but dental implants tend to stand out. This prosthesis offers benefits that other restorations like bridges and dentures may not provide.

1.                  Prevents further tooth loss

It is crucial to understand that your teeth depend on their tooth roots and the surrounding teeth to stay in place. When you have a missing tooth socket, the remaining set may tilt towards it and become loose. You can prevent further tooth loss by getting a tooth replacement. Most of the patients at Intelligent Dental Group appreciate and prefer dental implants to their dental restorations because they appear and function like natural teeth.

2.                  Improves nutrition

After tooth extraction, you may find it difficult to eat specific types of food, preventing you from maintaining a balanced diet. By avoiding particular foods such as carrots, you’re depriving your body of vital nutrients. You can correct this situation by consulting your provider about dental implants.

3.                  Prevents jaw deterioration

Stimulating your tooth roots helps keep your jawbone strong and healthy. When you lose a tooth, the pressure on your jawbone reduces; if left untreated, your body naturally reabsorbs the jawbone over time. A dental implant fills the missing tooth socket, restoring the stimulation on your jawbone. This prevents jaw deterioration, ultimately protecting the shape of your face.

4.                  Restores your smile aesthetics

Missing teeth can make you feel conscious about your smile, eventually affecting your self-esteem. Dental implants restore your attractive smile, helping you recover your self-confidence and ability to socialize without feeling self-conscious.

Don’t allow missing teeth to dictate your life when you can get dental implants that fit comfortably and feel natural. Call the Intelligent  Dental Group office or book an appointment online to get your implants today.

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