Reasons You Should Consider Wearing Mouthguards

AFL trials HitIQ mouthguard with data chip to monitor head knocks and  concussion | KidsNewsParticipating in sports is essential to keeping the body active and healthy. Unfortunately, high-contact sports such as soccer, rugby, and basketball pose increased vulnerability to injuries, particularly to the teeth. Therefore, wearing protective gadgets like mouthguards is crucial. Over time, the popularity of Georgetown mouthguards has surged tremendously due to the device’s effectiveness in securing athletes’ teeth against injuries. While mouthguards are crucial to athletes, they offer other health benefits we should consider. Keep reading this article to learn about some reasons you should consider wearing mouthguards.

Prevent Headaches

If you have experienced headaches after waking up, clenching the jaw while sleeping or grinding your teeth might be responsible for the headache. Clenching and grinding your teeth also causes toothaches, while when severe, you are more prone to earaches, fatigue, and neck pains. However, wearing mouthguards when going to bed can help to combat these issues. Your dentist can also make these guards to assist in aligning teeth and fix overbite or underbite to avoid associated jaw pain.

Avoid Tooth Displacement

Whenever something hard hits your mouth, and the teeth are exposed, you will likely have complications. This strong impact contributes to tooth displacement. Additionally, the effect can cause one or more teeth to fracture. Nonetheless, wearing a mouth guard cushions the teeth and assists in spreading the impact force to the whole teeth. Some symptoms of tooth displacement you should be aware of and consider wearing a mouth guard include gum bleeding and tooth pain.

Avoid Snoring

Even though it can be a more complex concern for another person than yourself, it is still vital to deal with the issue. One effective strategy to prevent it is sleeping while wearing night guards. Breathing hardships develop when the jaw is clenched, a major contributor to snoring. Luckily, if the guards are in place, your upper and lower jaw is separated without touching each other. This process is vital for how much air you can breathe to prevent snoring.

Minimal Tension on Your Joints and Muscles

When you schedule an appointment with your dentist, they mold and shape your mouth guard effectively to suit your requirement. The dentist also helps to minimize stress on the jaws and muscles that you might be having. Persistent tension in your jaws and muscles makes it hard to eat or talk due to pain. Fortunately, mouthguards are comfortable, and as they become more comfortable with time, they assist in sleeping.

Mouthguards Are Comfortable

These mouthguards are designed to be soft and flexible to ensure they do not irritate your jaw or mouth. On the other hand, they are made from thermoplastic elastomer and polyvinyl materials, which can be custom-fitted to your exclusive anatomy. Regardless of the size of your teeth, they can effectively fit properly. Since they do not affect your breathing and speech, they are more comfortable and safe than staying without one.

Failing to safeguard your teeth when participating in high-contact sports can seriously threaten your teeth’ wellness. Fractures, loosening, loss, and sensitive teeth are common problems a person can experience. Besides, you may experience snoring, toothache, and headaches. These changes can significantly affect your smile and overall teeth appearance. Therefore, consider investing in mouthguards because they are cheap, easy to maintain, and comfortable. If you want them in a different color or size, you can choose from different colors and designs available at your dentist’s office.