Roles of a Family Lawyer in Singapore in 7 Common Family Issues

A family lawyer in Singapore handles various legal matters about the family. Their services are valuable when a family faces an issue such as divorce, child custody, or guardianship. Family lawyers can also act as mediators when a family feud erupts. It is imperative to seek the help of family attorneys ahead of time to not scramble in a time of need.

Roles of a Reputable Family Lawyer

Most people view their family lawyer as part of the family. The legal expert prevents the need to go to court between family members. Not only does it save time and money, but it also safeguards relationships. The following are the duties of a family lawyer from reputable firms in Singapore.

#1 Annulment Proceedings

Annulment refers to the legal separation of a husband and wife. The marital relationship has no meaning following the conclusion of the annulment proceedings. Several probable causes can push a spouse to file for an annulment under the family law in Singapore. The reasons include one of the partners concealing a contagious condition, a criminal record, infertility, or a past divorce. Nevertheless, fraud of any kind is the most common. One of the partners seeks the assistance of a family lawyer to present the case in court.

#2 Spousal Support & Alimony Issues

You can look for a family lawyer from a reputable Singapore law firm to help you resolve spousal support or alimony issues. The ramifications of alimony will remain for a set amount of time. It allows a divorced spouse to stand on their own two feet. The court has the authority to give permanent spousal maintenance if the marriage is lengthy or one of the spouses becomes ill. The unemployed spouse who has been out of work for years may also win the advantages of alimony. A court may accommodate one of the spouses until the divorce procedure concludes.

Determining the Amount for Alimony or Spousal Support

Several factors can influence the amount of spousal support a spouse must provide. It includes self-sufficiency and marital length. A family lawyer in Singapore might assess the financial security threats a spouse may face due to the divorce. Remember that neither spouse has the authority to destroy or squander marital property.

#3 Modifications to Existing Child Support

It is a court regulation that child support cannot be modified or changed unless a spouse requests it. Seek a family lawyer from reputable firms in Singapore if you plan to request modifications to your child support agreement. There are various causes for a spouse to request alterations to the child support agreement. It includes medical troubles, financial concerns, and emergencies. Ramifications to the conditions set in your child support agreement will cause the resetting of payments. 

#4 Cases of Child Abuse or Neglect

The law does not absolve anyone liable for child abuse. Anyone capable of child abuse is subject to strict penalties under the family law in Singapore. You must have the support of a family lawyer who can construct a compelling case for you. The legal professional will constantly be by your side until the child returns to you. A-child-with-bruises-stuck-in-their-room

Protecting the Child as the Duty of a Parent

In most cases of child abuse or neglect, the state will remove the child from their parents when they do not receive adequate parental care. The fundamental responsibility of parents is to protect their children, and any unfortunate incident is solely the parents’ fault. An excellent family lawyer in Singapore should prove in court that the child will be in safe care if the child returns. Otherwise, the court may consider bringing in a relative for care and protection.

#5 Divorce Proceedings

There will be instances when divorce is unavoidable. There are two forms of divorce: disputed or contested divorce and undisputed or uncontested divorce. A professional family lawyer from a Singapore law firm may assist couples in amicably finishing their divorce. They will make every effort to overcome the communication gap.    Every spouse is curious about what they could gain or lose in the end. Parents also consider their children’s future. Your family lawyer in Singapore will make every effort to ensure that the trial is fair. Furthermore, they will also have to answer all queries.

#6 Representation for Adoption Cases

Many spouses consider the possibility of adopting a child to expand their family. Some families may decide to adopt for reasons best known to themselves. Nevertheless, a family lawyer from any reputable Singapore law firm can give them the legal support they need to attain their goal. Spouses and families can approach their family lawyers to make excellent progress in determining the best approach to use.

#7 Issues on Estate & Property

Most would automatically think of coming to a probate lawyer from a reputable Singapore law firm for issues in properties and estates. However, a family lawyer is also a viable help for resolving estate and property issues. Owning large estates and other significant assets can contribute to family stress. A family lawyer may help to relieve such stress by taking on the burden.

Only Work with Lawyers You Absolutely Trust

Legal concerns seem to be a part of people’s lives in every society. Many families seek a law professional who can assist in resolving significant legal challenges. A professional family lawyer in Singapore will aid in all areas of family life. Every situation is critical for you to choose a qualified and skilled lawyer. Your family lawyer will protect your rights and provide you peace of mind to enjoy.   Aspect Law Chambers LLC is a prestigious Family and Criminal Law firm many people look to for legal help. They are home to some of the best criminal and family law lawyers. You can also approach any of their competent lawyers to obtain a personal protection order in Singapore. They also have a probate lawyer on their roster for estate and property issues. Visit and explore their website to learn more about the firm, its lawyers and their services.