Signing A Medical Release Form After A Car Accident– Should You Do It?

If you are from Nevada, it is important to be careful when deciding whether to sign a medical record release following a car accident. These documents can impact your personal injury claim. Signing a release without talking to an attorney first may take your rights away from you. These rights are there to protect your best interests. 

Before signing any medical release forms, it is essential to call a lawyer in Nevada. While the insurance company can ask for your medical records to know about your accidental injuries, they do not have to access your entire medical history. This can be damaging to your case in ways that might not be apparent to someone who is not a professional in the field.  

What is a medical release form?

It is a piece of document that the other party’s insurance company can demand following the accident. However, in Nevada, the HIPAA regulations and privacy laws require your explicit consent to release these medical forms. It is greatly recommended to consult with a professional attorney before you give your consent to access your whole medical history. 

What record is the insurance company looking for?

It is your legal right to deny the insurance company access to your medical records. Most people are not aware that they can say no. However, there are some medical records the insurer will need to give you the compensation demanded. These include:

  • Document related to a car accident injury
  • CT scan, X-rays, lab tests, MRIs 
  • The medical bill for the treatment offered 

Why should you not give your consent to the medical release form?

By giving your consent to release the records, you are not just allowing them to see the details of your injury. By doing so you are legally giving them access to see your entire medical history. 

The medical record may also contain some private information regarding your health throughout your life that you may not want everyone to see. They can use the information to weaken your claim. They may look into your past injuries to challenge the current accident-related injury. Knowing the potential consequences, think twice before you give consent. 

How should you share medical information, then?

Attorneys recommend you should approach with caution while signing a medical release form after an accident. There are specific instances where giving your consent to the insurance company becomes necessary. Certain medical records are needed to proceed with your claim and reward the compensation. 

It is best to have your attorney handle this part on your behalf. Talk to one today.