Some of the terms to know about online slots

Understanding online slots

Slot machine games are played with the help of mechanical reel tables in physical casinos. There will be three or five reels on the machines capable of rotating when you push the lever. These reels will have ten or more characters on them and they will be aligned like columns next to each other. Online slots are the same game conducted via a website like slotxoYou need not go out of your house to play your favorite slot machine games. You will need to choose a reliable website and deposit your money to play the game. There will not be any mechanical devices to show you the characters. Instead, you will see the setup of reels on your computer screen. Then you should choose the combination of characters you think will show up at the end of the spin. There are various types of slot machine games based on the number of reels and sometimes pay lines. If your game consists of several pay lines, you would have to choose the specific pay line you wish to consider in the end. Since the gameplay is easy and not requires any high-level skills, you will not face any difficulties during the play. However, to get more comfortable with the processes, you should understand some terms used in the slot games. In this article, let us discuss some of these terms in brief. 

Vital terms to know about Online slot machine games

Pay line – Online slots are about the guessing of the winning combination on the reels. The reels will have a minimum of ten characters on it. If you do not have any marker to indicate a specific set of characters, you could not decide the winning combination. A pay line is the life-saver in this case. It will be a horizontal line over the reels either at the center or in other places. The symbols that lie below this line contribute to the winning combination. 

Jackpot – In progressive slots, the prize amount will be huge, and it will keep on expanding every time a player joins in the connected slots. This winning amount is known as a Jackpot. 

Slot theme – Old-fashioned characters and sound effects have lost their attraction capacity with the development of technology. Hence, casinos started to adapt popular themes for their slot machine games. These themes may include a reflection of movie characters, storylines, real-life events and places, and much more. The objective of using themes on slots is to attract new-age players.

243 ways – In ordinary slots, the winning combination will fall on the same row. But in 243 ways variation, you will get the payout even if your chosen characters fall on adjacent places on the reel. 

3D video slots – Instead of plain on-screen gaming, you will experience a 3-Dimensional effect on your video slot games.

Active pay line – The chosen pay line that determines the winning combination in a multi-payline slot machine game is known as the active pay line.