Storing Your Cryptocurrency Offline WithMyetherwallet ’s Cold Storage Option

Cryptocurrency has been on the rise in popularity and value, so it’s no wonder that more people are getting into digital asset trading. Investing your money into cryptocurrency can be a great way to make profits, but you need to be careful with where you store those assets.Myetherwallet  (MEW) is one of the most popular wallets for storing Ethereum-based tokens. With MEWconnect, you can easily access your MEW wallet from anywhere, allowing you to view, trade, and manage your funds.

What is MEWconnect?

MEWconnect is an open source mobile application that allows users to securely access theirMyetherwallet from anywhere. By using QR codes or pairing phrases, users can connect their phone securely with their computer and use the app as an interface for their wallet. With this app, users don’t have to worry about typing out long wallet addresses or having their funds stolen online due to hackers or scammers. The app also allows for two-factor authentication for extra security.

Benefits of Using MEWconnect

One of the main advantages of using MEWconnect is that it provides increased security when accessing your wallet remotely. By connecting your phone with a secure QR code or pairing phrase, only you will have access to your funds via your device. No one else will be able to get into your wallet even if they know the address of it. Additionally, since the app is open source, you won’t have to worry about any malicious software being installed on your device while using it. Furthermore, the two-factor authentication feature adds an extra layer of security so that only you can access your funds even if someone else has possession of your device.

How To Use MEWconnect?

Using MEWconnect is quite straightforward and easy to do. First off, download the app from either Google Play Store or App Store depending on what type of phone you have and install it onto your device after verifying its authenticity by checking its signature against Myetherwallet ‘s public key repository. Once installed and opened up for use, simply follow the instructions given by the app itself in order to create a secure connection between it andMyetherwallet on a computer or another device such as a tablet. You’ll then be able to view all information related to your ETH holdings just like when using web-based version ofMyetherwallet but with added security assurance thanks to two-factor authentication feature provided by MEWConnect .


If you’re looking for a safe and secure way to accessMyetherwallet from anywhere then look no further than MEWconnect! It offers several features such as two-factor authentication which provide additional layers of security than would otherwise not be available when accessing through web version alone. Additionally, it’s easy setup process makes getting started simple which means anyone – regardless of technical expertise – can start managing their digital assets right away! So why wait? Get downloading today and take advantage of all the benefits offered by this innovative new tool!

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