The Place To Visit For Anime Lovers – Den Den Town Osaka

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Whether you are a lover of video games, anime, card games, enjoy dressing in different styles, and several weirder things to do, Denden town is the right place to visit in Osaka. From the retro gaming options to bargaining for electronic goods, it is the place for shopaholics all the way. The televisions, smartphones, and computers you come across in different stores at convenient process are sure to draw your attention. The best time to visit this location is March when area witnesses various events themed on anime in Kansai. While the official name of the town is Nipponbashi, the place is similar to Akihabara in Tokyo. The culture of haggling is prevalent in this part of Osaka, and the locals here master in this art.

Getting to Denden

If you are making to den den town Osaka for the first time, you have to speak to your tour operator for flexibility of timings. However, you can easy reach this place by train, but you have to get down at Namaba station and walk about five minutes towards the east. The ton runs parallel to Sakai-Suji Street and the alleyways close to it. However, you have to pan your day properly before visiting this town, especially, if you harbor hobbies. For the lovers of video games and anime, spending hours in this town is a real treat, whereas a casual traveler may divert to Ura-Namba for dinner or visit the Kuromon Ichiba marketplace.

Place for gamers

For game lovers and people with the passion of buying funky stuff, Denden town is the place to be. Whether it is the vending machines or gachapon in front of every store dispensing creative toys, the whopping accessories from key chains to small human figures, there is everything for the gizmo-struck. For lovers of Pokemon, the card games are distinct and interesting. You can change your hair color and visit the cafes in the locality before returning to the hotel.