The Role of Litter Picks in Improving Rubbish Removal London Practices

Litter picks are not novel. People in the UK have been coming together to collect rubbish in the streets for the longest time. It is one of the ways that communities keep their neighbourhoods tidy. Some areas, such as the UK capital, need people to do more than just handle their household waste. Litter in the streets is a common problem that affects everyone. If left unattended, rubbish in the neighbourhood can cause serious health risks, not to mention the fact that it is unsightly. With proper rubbish removal London plans, communities can clean up the parts of the city that fall victim to littering.

Why It Matters

Some people wonder why it’s important to volunteer for litter-picking campaigns when they are not responsible for the rubbish. Picking litter is a powerful exercise that works to teach people about the responsibility of keeping the streets clean. Children and young adults, especially need to learn about environmental conservation measures if they are to improve things in the future. It is why young people should be involved in such campaigns.

A common argument against public clean-up campaigns is that it doesn’t solve the root problem. However, eliminating a single piece of plastic from the neighbourhood is one less harmful object that can end up choking the environment. A public clean-up goes a long way in tidying up natural habitats for various animals. During litter picks, communities ensure that the collected waste ends up in the right place. Clearabee is one company that offers professional rubbish removal that can help with such campaigns.

Another big reason that communities invest time and resources on litter picks is for health and safety. Rubbish in the streets pollutes the environment and destroys air quality. Soil pollution can affect the fertility of the land and growth of garden plants. Plastic is also harmful to pets and other undomesticated animals that may be roaming the whole of London.

Litter Picks in London

Every year, different organisations plan litter picks to clean up London, and its environs. Here are some campaigns for 2019.

Great British Spring Clean

This campaign was not just about cleaning up London, but the entire country. The month-long litter pick ran from 22 March to 23 April 2019. It was organised by the Keep Britain Tidy Project in conjunction with businesses and local authorities. Over half a million people volunteered for the 17,097 clean-up across the country. The campaign involved tidying up beaches, streets and parks.

Paddle & Pick

Since 2011, Active360 has been organising campaigns to clean up the waterways of London. Littering doesn’t affect the streets only. Some of that rubbish ends up in the waterways and eventually, the ocean. Participants in these clean-ups paddle as they collect rubbish. It is one of the events that help protect marine life in London.

The Beautiful Boroughs Project

Cleanup UK organises the campaign, which involves 10 London boroughs. The clean-up project takes place throughout the year. Communities from the different boroughs plan to work on their neighbourhoods with the organiser helping with logistical support.

Getting Rid of Waste

Any good litter pick project must include professional rubbish removal London. Volunteers should know that the water they collect ends up in the right place. Experts will advise on how to separate the different kinds of waste into wheelie bins. They will also take recyclable rubbish to recycling plants.

Clearabee is a reputable rubbish removal London company that handles projects of all kinds. Whether you are organising a month-long campaign across London or a waterway clean-up in your borough, this is the rubbish removal London service to hire. With over 90% of waste diverted from landfills, you can be sure of the quality of work that the company offers.