What are the Causes of Drooping Eyelid?

Sagging eyelid or ptosis [ตาตก, which is the term in Thai] is when the upper eyelid sags downward. Physicians can treat a droopy eyelid with surgery, although this might rely on the reason. Reasons an eyelid may sag consist of genes or damage to the eye, as well as the problem, which is more probable with age.

Treatment might not be necessary for instances where there is no impact on vision. Nevertheless, a droopy eyelid can cover the pupil and decrease vision in some cases.

Ptosis can be present at birth, but people can also acquire it later on in life as a result of:

  • stretching or injury of eyelid muscle mass or ligaments
  • an issue of eye surgical procedure
  • damages to the nerve regulating the eyelid muscular tissues
  • aging
  • a problem of Botox shots

Ptosis does not lead to any type of health and wellness issues, in most cases, and is easily convenient.


Genetic ptosis exists from birth as well as might have genetic reasons. It can affect one or both eyelids.

Congenital ptosis can hinder vision and trigger amblyopia, in some cases referred to as lazy eye.

In 2013 research of 107 children with ptosis, scientists noted lazy eyes in around 1 out of 7 individuals.

Individuals can likewise obtain ptosis later on in life.

A common cause is unexpected stretching or tearing of the levator aponeurosis, which is a tendon-like sheathe that permits the eyelid to move.

Damages may take place from:

  • excessive eye rubbing
  • eye surgical treatment
  • use inflexible contact lenses

The eyes and eyelids are fragile, as well as there are several other potential causes of acquired ptosis, including:

  • eyelid growths, swelling, or cysts
  • muscle troubles
  • Horner’s disorder
  • nerve damage in the eye tissues
  • eye trauma
  • neurological conditions
  • Botox injections

Risk variables

Potential danger elements for ptosis include:

  • age
  • too much eye rubbing
  • contact lenses
  • eye surgical procedure
  • myasthenia gravis.
  • Horner’s disorder