Why You Should Opt For PRP Therapy

Wound healing might be prolonged, especially if the wound results from extreme trauma. Do you have a wound that does not heal with the conventional treatment options? Why don’t you try PRP therapy which uses platelets and growth factors from your blood? You should find a Las Vegas PRP expert who can withdraw blood from your arm and separate it into its components. The doctor will use the platelet components; injection into the injury site will lead to quick blood clots, healing, and pain relief. Here is why PRP might be the right treatment for your injury.

The Therapy Leads To Wound Healing

If you have a wound that does not respond to the conventional treatment, you opt for PRP therapy. The therapy uses the pure-form platelets harvested from your blood to treat wounds. Platelets are known to increase blood clots on fresh wounds. The blood clots from a mesh over a fresh wound reduce blood flow, wound contamination, and healing. After the blood clots, the white blood cells will work effectively to fight the bacteria on the injured area.

Moreover, the platelets have growth factors that help repair the damaged tissues in the injured area. Tissue repair on the wound will reduce the pain on the injured site. You may use PRP therapy on the joints as it reduces the chronic pain in the joints. Moreover, if the joint pain results from damage to the tendons, connective tissues, and muscles, the growth factors would help repair the damaged tissues.

It Leads To Hair Rejuvenation

Sometimes you might lose hair due to alopecia which results from your body’s overreaction to harmless cells on the follicles. The overreaction inhibits the hair follicles from producing healthy hair strands. However, you may correct the hair loss with PRP treatment as the growth factors will activate the hair follicles leading to hair growth. However, you may talk with your dermatologist before incorporating the PRP into your hair loss treatment.

The Treatment Rejuvenates the Skin

PRP therapy might fight skin issues by reducing aging signs like wrinkles, dark spots, scars, and dark circles on the eyes. After a proper diagnosis, a dermatologist will formulate the right customized PRP treatment for your skin. PRP treatment is a liquid facelift procedure that leads to a youthful appearance as it leaves the face looking plump.

It Is Safe

PRP therapy is safe as it uses a blood sample from a patient and thus is the best remedy for conditions like hair loss and wounds which don’t heal over an extended time. You are least likely to develop an allergic reaction to your platelets as they are derived from your body. This might be the best treatment for people who are likely to develop a reaction to the topical medications.

Wounds that don’t heal over an extended time, hair loss, and joint pain might be challenging, especially if they don’t react to the topical treatment. Fortunately, you would treat these health conditions with PRP therapy which uses plates drawn from your blood; you are least likely to develop an allergic reaction from the therapy. Thus, your doctor might help you understand the potential of the treatment; good luck finding a hospital that offers PRP therapy.