10 Video Content Ideas For A Corporate Videography That Draw Traffic To A Website

With today’s technological advancements, it is easy to shoot a video, let alone share it with the target audience online, but coming up with video content ideas is a different story. You will eventually run out of ideas about what video content you should share next while ensuring the quality of corporate videography of your company in Singapore remains the same. 

Thinking about these two factors will make business owners frustrated. Without quality videos, how would they drive their target audience to their website and nudge them to take action? While sharing blogs still works, online videos work better. 

Statista has found that online videos have reached 92% of internet users worldwide. This figure alone can help strengthen the online presence and extend brand awareness.

In that case, take advantage of this opportunity. Video content-wise, the following proven topics can help you generate traffic, leads, and conversions. Additionally, you want to think about collaborating with a video production company in Singapore because they can help enhance your corporate videography.

10 Content Ideas For A Corporate Videography That Draw Traffic To A Website

  1. Product Demonstration Videos

Although most of your products come with an instruction manual, not many people read them. The statistics show that just 25% of individuals read manuals, and the rest prefer to watch product demonstrations online.


Consider creating a product demonstration of your recently launched items. Not only will it help convince potential customers to buy your product, but it will also help those who purchased it on how they use it more efficiently. 

  1. Show Off Your Company Culture

Besides promoting your products and services, showcasing the people who work behind the scenes through a corporate video with excellent videography in Singapore will help show off your company culture. Customers will acknowledge your transparency and consider making a purchase or engaging with you.

Whether you are featuring old or new employees, sharing videos about your company culture is a fun way to introduce who you are and the purchase of your business. 

  1. Share An Expert Q&A Video

You have the chance to go into further detail in question-and-answer videos about subjects that your audience is interested in about your products, services or something related to your niche. It is a quick approach to providing content to your audience.

If you are a children’s clothing store, you can create a Q & A video about a mum teaching new mums how to choose baby clothes. Doing this will give your target audience the answer they need from an expert. 

  1. Customer Reviews

Another video content that you can share is about customer reviews. Instead of a compiled image of written customer reviews, why don’t you invite your customers and ask them in person what they like about your product and have they recommend it to others/

  1. Celebrating Company Anniversary

Running a business is never easy. Hence, it is a celebration reaching another year after another. Besides sending a thank you message to all your employees, you should also celebrate with them and include your loyal customers in your speech. 

For this topic, you can create a commercial with excellent videography in Singapore that represents your company’s excellence. Doing this will give your customers insight into your company’s history and the challenges you have gone through to reach where you are today.

  1. User-Submitted Product Video

In the era of TikTok and IG reels, people are now sharing tons of videos about their life, especially purchases and tagging the brand. If your customers do the same thing, take that opportunity and use the videos they have shared on their social media platforms.

Make those videos your own by compiling all of them and sharing them on your social media. This approach will mean a lot to your customers since you will be acknowledging their presence. At the same time, potential customers will also become interested in trying your products or services. 

  1. Contest Announcement

You can also draw a lot of traffic to your website if you use online videos to announce the contest you plan to hold. Since many people rarely read these days, a 30-second to 1-minute video is enough to let others know about the mechanics of your contest and when it will end. 

  1. Product Comparison

Another popular video content these days is product comparison, but instead of comparing two different brands, consider using what you have. With this, customers can weigh their options, the pros and cons, and make informed purchase decisions. 

  1. Unboxing

Unboxing is another way you can introduce the new product you will offer to your target audience. Giving them a little tease with your corporate video with excellent videography in Singapore can entice them to buy and shoot an unboxing video and share it with their followers.

  1. Myth-Busting

No matter how modern the world is today, some people still believe in myths. The only way to correct what your potential customers know, you should debunk them by sharing myth-busting videos. 

More people will become more informed and make the right choice by giving factual information. It will also help your myth-busting video become more believable.

Your Takeaway!

Posting and sharing video content campaigns with excellent video production to help introduce your company in Singapore is great. Not only can you attract a target audience to watch the videos, but you can also drive them to your website to learn more about what you offer. 

While watching online videos is still a trend, you should take advantage of it by sharing more videos about your company from this day forward. 
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