4 Important Requirements for Singapore Permanent Resident Eligibility

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More relevant documents and details in your Singapore permanent resident application increase your chances of approval. This article will assist you throughout the Singapore PR application process and increase your likelihood of being granted Singapore PR status.

If you meet these requirements and follow the correct application procedure, there is a good chance that you will be granted permanent residency in Singapore. It is most convenient to submit your Singapore PR requirements and other documents online.

1. Passport-size photo.

All online applications for Singapore permanent resident eligibility must include a passport-sized, colour digital photograph. Your photograph must adhere to the Singapore Immigration and Checkpoints Authority’s specifications. The subject’s size, background, and position are examples of these factors. Failure to comply with these requirements may delay your application for permanent residence.

2. Travel documents and immigration passes.

All applicants for Singapore permanent resident eligibility must submit valid passports and immigration passes. Passports are microfilmed only on the page with personal information (name, passport number, and official description). Make sure your passport is good for at least six months after entry. Employment Pass, S-pass, Entrepreneur Pass, and Student Pass are examples of valid immigration documents.

3. Educational certificates and qualifications.

When applying for Permanent Resident status in Singapore, you must submit documents required for Singapore PR, like education certificates and qualifications. These diplomas and transcripts about any education beyond secondary school, high school, or its equivalent. All applicants for the PTS and GIP are required to submit copies of their professional licences and vocational trade certificates. It assists the ICA in determining whether you possess any local industry-required skills.

4. Cover letter.

When applying for Singapore PR, a cover letter lets you make a good impression. Sending a powerful message through a professional writing sample helps you stand out from the crowd and position yourself as a strong and valuable candidate.

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