4 Tips For Storing Satay, Char Siu, Soy Sauce, And More In Your Singapore Kitchen

Condiments are vital components of a tasty and hearty dish. Aside from bringing flavour, colour, and aroma to the table, they also tell the history of the nation that developed them. Additionally, using seasonings and flavourings like a satay or soy sauce in your Singapore cooking will keep traditions alive and help future generations learn about and appreciate them through food.

But before buying a jar of black bean garlic sauce or a bottle of char siu sauce from your trusted supplier, you should learn to store them to keep them from spoiling and rotting. Here are four storage tips to help you correctly stash sauces in your kitchen:

1. Avoid Hot Storage Spaces

Home cooks like you can store most condiments, like the soy sauce of most Singapore brands, at room temperature. But if your kitchen gets too hot during the day, you should take your flavourings to a different part of your home to preserve their taste and quality.

2. Tighten The Lid

If you want to keep moulds, ants, roaches, and rats away from your condiments, tighten their lids and caps after every use. You can even wipe the containers of your black bean garlic or satay sauce to remove residues that can attract bugs and pests.

3. Check The Expiration Date

Always check your condiments’ expiration dates before buying them. You should also look at these dates every few months to see if your soy or char siu sauce is still flavourful and edible.

4. See The Package For Instructions

If you plan to buy a char siu or satay sauce in Singapore, always check its package before heading to the checkout lane. Doing so will help you see if its manufacturer has specific storage instructions for its product.

Remember these four storage tips when buying a bottle or jar of satay, char siu, or soy sauce at AmigoSG. Visit their website below to shop for these flavourful condiments and get them delivered to your doorstep.

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