5 golden tips for hiring a Toledo injury lawyer

Did you suffer injuries because of the other party’s fault in Toledo? Since Ohio is a fault state, you could be entitled to compensation. As the claimant, you have to prove that the other party acted negligently, which caused the accident that ultimately led to your injuries. After getting injured in Toledo, you need to take the key step of hiring an attorney. Here are five golden rules to finding the right injury lawyer. 

  1. Look for work specialty. Always choose a lawyer who practices only personal injury law. Instead of hiring any random attorney, look for the work profile, what they have done so far, and the kind of cases that they typically take up in their practice. Someone who knows a bit of everything may not be your best bet. 
  2. Consider their response. Did the attorney respond to your distress call immediately? Were you able to get an appointment immediately? If yes, was the lawyer on time? Did they answer your questions? Always consider the response of the concerned lawyer before you hire them for the job. 
  3. Be careful of promises. Not all lawyers have the same approach to cases. If your lawyer wants to overstate your injuries or inflate the worth of your claim, you should not hire them – Period. No attorney can promise an outcome, but they can help determine what your case is worth. It’s best to have realistic expectations. 
  4. Ask about their winning settlements. An attorney should have at least a few landmark cases, which is a testament to their expertise. Ask them about the top wins they have to their credit, and you should ask for a few references. 
  5. Check reviews. When you have a few potential lawyers on your shortlist, how do you choose one? Well, you can check online reviews. Reviews are handy for comparing lawyers in terms of their market standing. For instance, when a lawyer has too many bad reviews, it is probably because they don’t deliver on their promises. 

Lastly, don’t hire an attorney who asks for an immediate fee. Injury lawyers in Ohio work on a contingency basis, which means they get their fee when the client has won a settlement. There is no fee without a win. In such an arrangement, victims and claimants have the scope to seek legal help without worrying about the corresponding costs. 

You can check online websites to find top-rated lawyers in your area.