5 Peculiar Cat Habits and What They Mean

Have you ever wondered what goes on in your cat’s mind when it engages in those quirky behaviors? Let’s delve into your furball’s peculiar actions and explore why it behaves that way.

Felines are remarkably enigmatic; some of their antics can be puzzling, even for seasoned cat owners. They are often elusive, leaving a hint of uncertainty and adding to the joy of being in their company.

Although this element of intrigue makes them delightful to have around, note that some strange behaviors can stem from the pain and discomfort associated with physical ailments. When unsure, consult a vet specialist for testing and treatments.

At the same time, consider being equipped with kitten insurance NZ so that your little munchkin has a medical financial backup during distressing health situations and medical emergencies with minor financial implications.

Contemplate purchasing cheap cat insurance in the least so you don’t have to take the entire financial stress during non-routine vet visits. In the meantime, read this article to learn some peculiar kitty habits and what they imply.

#1 Running around abruptly

When your furball spontaneously dashes across the home, exhibiting a burst of playful energy, it can be incredibly amusing unless, of course, it occurs during the wee hours of the night and startles you awake.

This cat behavior might be attributed to its energy levels. It’s possible that your feline friend simply needs a rapid play session to expend pent-up energy. Since indoor cats are generally less active than their outdoor counterparts who hunt daily, they might feel the urge to burn off excess energy through these bursts of activity.

#2 Making a spooky vampire face

The Flehmen response in kitties is quite intriguing. Have you noticed cats sniffing things and then showing off their fangs? This behavior involves using the Jacobson’s or vomeronasal organ located on the roof of their mouth.

When kitties encounter an interesting scent, they draw it into this organ to further process the intriguing smell. It’s worth noting that many animals besides cats have Jacobson’s organs and exhibit this behavior.

#3 Staring at empty spaces

It’s not uncommon for cat owners to feel a bit rattled when they observe their feline companion fixated on what seems to be a wall or an empty space, leading them to think of it as a supernatural skill. However, a more rational explanation is that your cat merely utilizes its exceptionally keen senses to perceive its environment.

Know that kitties may be able to see and hear things that normally escape the human eyes and ears. This could be the cause of your furball’s intense focus on seemingly nothing. The heightened sensory perception allows it to pick up subtle cues and movements that may elude human perception.

#4 Sticking their butt in the air

Cats have a peculiar habit of raising their rear end when you pet them from head to tail. What they are trying to communicate is their desire for you to scratch a specific spot located at the tail base.

It could be that your munchkin is letting you know what pleases it by directing you to its preferred area of affection.

While such behaviors may seem entertaining, there could be other reasons, like physical health conditions, that can make kitties behave out of normal. Meet your vet when in doubt and consider being prepared with kitten insurance in NZ so it can avail of basic health benefits during unfortunate health situations. Contemplate purchasing cheap cat insurance in the least so that providing medical care need not be as financially burdening during unplanned vet visits.