5 Reasons to Enrol Your Child in an Infant Care Programme in Singapore

As more moms return to work, families face demanding work schedules. It is not unexpected that many parents prefer trained, trustworthy infant care and preschool centres in Singapore to care for their infants over alternative daycare options.

 5 Reasons to Enrol Your Child in Infant Care

More parents are finding the advantages of enrolling their infants in infant care centres in Singapore. There is a prediction of building an extra 40,000 preschool spots in the next five years. It represents the increase in demand for childcare places as more parents recognise the value of infant care and preschool education for their children’s development. Here are five of the reasons why.

#1 Cultivation of Motor & Linguistic Development

The curriculum at the best infant care centres in Singapore will give many opportunities for infants to improve their gross motor skills through age-appropriate exercises. Educarers are trained experts who engage babies in daily and personalised activities. Moreover, singing and storytelling sessions prepare babies for speech and language acquisition.

#2 Best Option for Lack of Parental Support

One reason more parents are enrolling their children in infant care facilities in Singapore is a lack of parental assistance at home. An infant care centre would be the only option for families that lack grandparents or a caregiver.

However, many families still choose to look for infant care facilities even with parental help at home. Parents may believe there are insufficient learning chances and stimulation at home, although they are addressing their infants’ fundamentals. Furthermore, an untrained caregiver may be a cause for concern.

#3 Most Secure Option

Enrolling your child in an infant care centre in Singapore is a personal decision that may provide them with the best environment for growth. Furthermore, it is worth considering whole-brain infant care programmes that cultivate developmental skills in a secure atmosphere with highly educated, professional educators. It may eventually have more substantial benefits than leaving a baby with a caregiver all day.

#4 A Social Environment for Children

It is beneficial to have friends at all stages of life, even in infancy. Infant care programmes in Singapore offer a pleasant and communicative atmosphere where your baby will not be lonely. Infants not only get lots of one-on-one time with their educator, but they also get to interact with their classmates.

#5 Subsidies for Infant Care

Subsidies make infant care programmes in Singapore more affordable for parents. Babies born on the island are eligible for sizable grants to cover infant care costs. The government subsidies can sum up to $1,140 in some situations if the gross household income is less than $7,500. According to the Ministry of Social and Family Development, all families with Singapore Citizen children are entitled to a baseline subsidy of $600 when enrolling their children in full-day infant care.


5 Skills Children Pick Up from Infant Care & Preschool

An infant care centre in Singapore may be the best option for parents who want to spend more time with their infants. With the correct instruction and stimulus, a newborn may learn new abilities.

Putting your kid in a well-designed newborn environment can be beneficial. Infant care and preschool programmes in Singapore teach these five fundamental skills to children.

#1 Better Social Skills

You may be surprised to learn that social engagement in infants begins as early as the first year. Another fantastic ability that your baby will learn from attending infant care programmes in Singapore is how to observe how other infants react to their surroundings. Infants are also very interested in monitoring facial expressions since this is how they take up social information. Babies acquire tolerance and respect for others by learning to take turns in an infant care environment.

#2 Improved Visual Cognition & Fine Motor Skills

When your infant learns to hold a toy in their hands, what appears to be a straightforward activity is a massive learning curve. The basic motions are developmental milestones that infants must reach. Aside from fine motor abilities, infants acquire visual cognition through the shapes and colours they see around them. They will learn about shapes and colours as they explore their surroundings, especially if they hear them spoken to them. One of the best factors is the certainty that your baby will develop these crucial skills in a supportive setting like infant care and preschool centres in Singapore.

#3 More Refined Linguistics

The first words they utter reveal a lot about what they are thinking. It can help you understand them better. Speech development occurs spontaneously in young children as they gain confidence in interacting with their surroundings and others.

Moreover, children are more motivated to learn speech and language if they are engaged in an interactive setting like in preschool and infant care centres in Singapore. They tend to replicate the varied sounds they hear by observing their classmates. It is a fundamental step in their language development. Some infant care and preschool centres even offer bilingual programmes for multiracial children.

#4 Greater Emotional Development

You will observe how children in an infant care centre in Singapore learn to self-soothe with the assistance of their educators. Infants learn to express themselves correctly when they perceive that they can control their feelings. It is critical to developing loving and caring interactions with infants because it provides them with a strong sense of comfort and safety. Moreover, it results in learning abilities to socialise and relate to people in the future.

#5 Greater Curiosity

Infant care and preschool programmes in Singapore offer exploratory play that engages their five senses: sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing. It promotes their curiosity as they reach out and discover new things for themselves. The youngest children can benefit from a play-based curriculum that emphasises discovery and hands-on learning throughout their baby care days.

Engage with a Reliable Infant Care Centre

The Golden Window of Learning (GWL) approach originates from research by Dr Marjory Ebbeck’s pedagogy of the Relationships-Based Curriculum. They provide infant care and preschool facilities in Jurong East and PasirRis with Little Skool House. Their method emphasises establishing a stable link between parent or instructor and kid. It serves as the foundation for learning confidence. Visit their website to learn more about their infant care and preschool programmes in PasirRis and Jurong East.

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