6 Interesting Facts About A Criminal Defence Lawyer In Singapore


Are you looking for a criminal lawyer defence in Singapore but do not know how to start? For starters, enabling full-depth and thorough research is a crucial keynote to remember if you are to get a criminal defence lawyer. 

Whether facing a criminal charge or being opted for crime accusations, you certainly don’t want to come unprepared without a lawyer. If people are ignorant of their rights, legal nuances, and proper court procedures, they may lose their cases, and you don’t want this to happen to you.

There are numerous procedures to follow when you have to appear in court. Therefore, you must get legal counsel from a criminal defence lawyer in Singapore when the consequences go beyond a simple fine. 

Many people decide against hiring a criminal defence attorney to avoid the fees and costs involved; however, if you can’t hire your lawyer, you can apply for legal assistance. The Criminal Legal Aid Scheme (CLAS) of the Law Society offers free legal representation to people charged with crimes that do not carry the death penalty and cannot afford an attorney. 

You need to check the background of the criminal defence lawyer you’re getting in Singapore. Do interviews to know if the lawyer is fit to handle your case. It is a must that you will get only the best lawyers to ensure the case ends in your pardon. 

Your criminal defence lawyer in Singapore will represent you in your serious case. It would help if you did not worry about what they think about the crime you are being accused or charged with, as it is your right to have. You are entitled to a lawyer, no matter what kind of case it is.

Well then, here are some interesting facts about criminal defence lawyers. 

6 Interesting Facts About Criminal Defence Lawyer In Singapore

1. The defendant may make direct contact with a criminal defence lawyer in Singapore, or the court may assign one to the case. The public defender’s office pays a lot of criminal defence attorneys who work as public defenders. Private companies employ additional criminal defence attorneys. Some criminal defence attorneys run their independent law practice. 

2. A court may occasionally select a private attorney to handle a particular case. Nonetheless, engaging a criminal defence lawyer is always intelligent because the costs of doing so are typically small compared to the high costs of losing your case. To have the best defence possible, getting a criminal defence lawyer in Singapore is therefore required.

3. A criminal defence lawyer is fully informed of the difference between all criminal cases so he can readily assess the reasons and arguments used to dismiss any charges about the claimed offence.

It would help if you never went to court unprepared when facing a criminal charge or accusations of a crime. Most people lose their cases because they are unaware of their rights, legal intricacies, and correct court processes. There are lots of formalities when you appear in court. Therefore, if the penalties go beyond a simple fine, it is essential to get legal advice from a criminal defence attorney. 

4. Ensuring their client has a fair trial is one method a criminal defence lawyer in Singapore can use to uphold their rights. The criminal court system’s hearings for criminal cases and other matters are frequently frantic. Examining every facet of your claim must be detailed and knowledgeable, especially considering how it can affect your trial.

5. The judicial system proclaims all defendants innocent until the prosecution can prove them guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, regardless of the evidence in a case before its trial. To maintain their client’s innocence throughout the problem, a defence attorney strives to ensure that every communication between them and their client remains private.

6. A criminal defence lawyer in Singapore will fight to protect their client’s rights and ensure that the defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty in the eyes of the judge and jury.

On the other hand, you may also get a family lawyer in Singapore if you require a lawyer to handle essential matters such as divorce, abuse, etc. If you are suffering from women’s violence, you can get a lawyer and may proceed with the legislative act of the Women’s Charter.

Women’s Charter is a law created in 1961 to advance and defend the rights of women and girls in Singapore. The Women’s Charter covers the dissolution of marriages, the distribution of marital property, and the control of the relationship between parents and their children and between husband and wife. Additionally, it offers a defence against domestic abuse and punishment for crimes against women and girls.

The Women’s Charter covers men and women in Singapore. Except those under the marriage of the administration of the Muslim Law Act. The provisions of the Women’s Charter relating to divorce, the division of marital property, and support do not belong to the provision. In addition, you may also look for the best divorce lawyer in Singapore and have your divorce case successful. 

Going back, now that you get into a brief discussion of facts about a criminal defence lawyer in Singapore and other related facts about lawyers, find out more about the roles of a criminal defence lawyer.

The Roles Of A Criminal Defence Lawyer 


1. A criminal defence lawyer in Singapore will be fighting for your rights and you. Your attorney may object if the prosecution presses too hard or asks inappropriate questions. Maintaining and giving you a fair trial is one of the main roles of a criminal defence lawyer. Therefore, hire the best criminal defence lawyer in Singapore with excellent law knowledge. To assist in defending you during all phases of criminal investigations and court processes, your attorney must be well-versed in the law.

2. Your criminal defence lawyer in Singapore should understand and recognize your case. It is their task and responsibility to gather all critical information about the events of your case and opt for a solution or outcome you want to achieve.  

Although criminal cases differ from divorce cases, the exact role applies to the duty of divorce mediation in Singapore. They will facilitate you and your partner to do what is appropriate for your situation. However, divorce mediation will simplify things for you as you don’t have to go through trials.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of your criminal defence lawyer in Singapore to research and conduct in-depth interviews. Information about your case will help gather substantial evidence to support your claim.

3. A criminal defence lawyer in Singapore is responsible for updating the defendant as necessary. The duty of your criminal defence lawyer to keep you regularly informed throughout the legal procedure is another important one. Your lawyer must notify you as soon as they become aware of anything pertaining to your case, such as a new plea agreement.
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