A Must Have For Every Bedroom – Dohar or AC Blankets

Are you the person who likes to get cosy under your blanket with the AC on? Well, most of us like to be that way, as it gives us a good night’s sleep. However, you might need different types of covers for different places and weather. Some cold places might not have the necessity of an AC. The climate itself feels chill and cold. It is essential to use a cover that helps you cuddle under feeling warm and light. Wakefit has some of the latest covers on their website that gives you extreme softness and a night of sound sleep. Given below are some examples of bedding covers like dohars and AC blankets that you should definitely have in your bedroom.

What is a Dohar?

Buying bedding covers is never an easy decision as you have numerous options available in the market. One such fine option is the Dohar. A Dohar is a bedding cover used to cover oneself while sleeping. It feels soft and fluffy, giving you the best comfort and sleep. In short, a dohar is a set of two cotton sheets stitched together with a thin cotton layer in between. The bedding cover is sleek and feels very light on the skin. The flannel layer is for additional warmth to the dohar. It is ideal to use a dohar on a cool, windy night when you want to cover yourself from the wind but at the same time feel the chillness of the breeze. It is sometimes called the summer blanket as it keeps a check on the temperature and allows air circulation. 

What is an AC Blanket?

AC in the room gives us a chill feeling, just like the winters. All of us like to get cosy under our blankets, keeping the AC on to experience a sound sleep. The best bedding cover that can comfort you is the AC blanket. It is a large rectangular single layer of covering made with wool or microfibre that has insulative properties in it. These properties help you to stay warm and cosy every night. The AC blankets trap the heat in your body and comfort you to fall into a deep sleep at the earliest possible. They also stimulate your brain to release serotonin and melatonin that makes you fall asleep immediately. 

How to Differentiate between a Dohar and an AC Blanket?

Dohars are blankets for summer which are made out of cotton. In comparison, AC blankets are made out of thick wool or microfibre. Blankets trap the heat in your body and keep you warm, while the dohars allow free air circulation and regulate the body temperature. A blanket is a single piece of material that feels thick and soft. The dohar consists of layers of cotton and flannel stitched together to form a fluffy layer. AC blankets are used in bedrooms where the AC is at a very low temperature or in the mountainous regions where the temperature is too low, and the chillness can hurt your bones. Blankets are usually warmer than dohars. They can be used for cold and winter nights. 

Why should you go for a Dohar?

Dohars feel extremely stylish in your bedroom and create a modern look. They try to bring out different ambiences and looks for the room. The appearance of a dohar is more rustic and raw. It feels fresh and breathable. A dohar is used mostly in places where the wind whistles in your ears and rushes past your body. Dohars are again very colourful and come in multiple prints. They could be floral, artistic or contemporary. Go for the one that suits your decor. If you are a fan of layers and would want a coverlet fluffy and light, the best option is the dohar. Sufficient warmth is preserved by a dohar as it is paired with multiple bedding layers. 

What makes an AC Blanket a Mandatory Requirement?

Before going to AC blankets, I must say that ACs have become mandatory in every house today. The AC is nowadays considered a major necessity due to climate change and global warming. Likewise, the AC blanket has also become a must-have in every house that has an AC. This is apt for those who want a coverlet that feels warm and cosy. Sleeping under a blanket should feel like sleeping in clouds. The extremely soft fabric makes you doze off in no time and drift to heaven, giving you a deep sleeping experience. While looking for an AC blanket online, ensure it feels soft and thick enough to protect you from the harsh winters. Also, take note that blankets last longer than dohars. 

Dohar or AC Blanket – Which one is Ideal?

A dohar is ideal for all types of climates, as it has sufficient layers to keep you warm and cosy, and at the same time, enable air circulation within. Although a dohar lasts lesser than an AC blanket, it feels extremely soft and comfortable to use. Dohars are available in eccentric designs and patterns. They are known for their long-lasting comfort levels. They have breathable layers that are made with fine cotton fabric. You could easily find a suitable dohar online that matches your requirements and interior decor. Dohar is also trendier than AC blankets, and they have always been liked by most people. Last but not least, dohars are easily washable and dry faster than AC blankets. 

Before choosing a dohar or a blanket, analyse what suits you best and which one will give you a comfortable sleep. In today’s times, buying a dohar or an AC blanket online is very easy, but understanding which one works better for you is the real task. Both come in different prints and looks. The AC blankets have different colours on both sides. One is a light colour, and the other is a darker shade. Think twice before you buy one. Do not forget to take note of the size of the dohar or AC blanket required.