A Step-By-Step Guide On Producing Customised T-Shirts

One of the beauties of producing your own customised merch is freedom. You have the freedom to create your own design and choose the material, the labels, or the thickness of the garment. Whether you’re using it as a promotional tool for a campaign or exciting new brand, as a uniform for your business, or want to wear it with your relatives for an Instagram photo op at a family gathering, the best way to do that is through custom shirts. You can never go wrong with getting customised tees from a t shirt printing shop in Singapore. Sure, you probably have a lot of cosy, branded, or versatile t-shirts, but you know there’s always room for more, right? So why not make your own?

If you’re new to the t-shirt printing process, the entire process, including choosing the best tee shirt printing shop in Singapore, can be a tad overwhelming. If you need help with the nuts and bolts of shirt printing, here is a step-by-step guide.


Being unfamiliar with the t-shirt printing process is daunting. There are several options to choose from, which can seem more complicated than you anticipated. Whether as a custom jersey or t-shirt printing in Singapore, this list collected a few tips to help you get good shirt results.


If you’re using it as a marketing tool, choosing a t-shirt design has a crucial factor to play. Ensure your shirt designs fit your branding, advertise your company, tell your story, and design that looks really cool and hip. Before looking for a shirt or jersey printing shop in Singapore, decide on your final design. Start by asking yourself how you want people to see it, who your target group is, and what branding elements you want to put, such as the logo, your slogan, an illustration, or all three. 

Another factor to consider before you send your design to a t shirt printing shop in Singaporeis the colour scheme. If your design plays with dark colours, such as navy blue, dark brown, or pitch black, that won’t show on dark-coloured tees. If you plan to use a black shirt in your design, consider using lighter colours, including the typography, imagery, colours, and style.

Pro-tip: When doing business with a tee shirt printing shop in Singapore, work with the professional designer they have for guaranteed great results.



The next step is to determine your estimated quantity. How many shirts do you need to print? How many people will wear your shirts? Generally, ordering bulk from a t shirt printing shop in Singaporewill likely reduce the cost per item. You also need to identify the sizes of the people who will wear your shirt. If you will use it for your online selling business, it is necessary to have an inclusive range. 


Once you know the estimated quantity, it is to set your budget in stone. Again, ordering in bulk is ideal, as this can reduce the cost per shirt compared to small orders. Generally, the rates of tee shirt printing shops in Singapore cost around S$9.50/piece for more or less 30 shirts. For 100 shirts and above, it is around S$7.20/piece for 100 t-shirts. However, these prices are still subject to change depending on the printing method.



Finding a tee shirt printing shop in Singaporeis also essential in finalising your project. There are several options you can choose from, online and local shops. Take your time to explore, ask around, and check for possibilities. You can consult your friends for recommendations. Also, ask for samples from the shop for sample designs, finished shirts, and actual results. It is to ensure that you’re getting the best quality. Some other factors to consider are the printing techniques, the cost, printing time, their variety of cuts, sizes, materials, and colours, and if they can work with your design and the quantity of your order.


Once you’ve landed on a t shirt printing shop in Singaporeand settled on the design, budget, and printing method, it’s time to choose the material for your shirt. 100% cotton is widely popular amongst all the other fabric types. It’s cosy, easy to wear and wash, and versatile. However, you can always go for the material you want. You can consult your printer for the best material that works for your budget and the quantity of your order.



Ready to get this started? If yes, send your design files to your printer or tee shirt printing shop in Singapore. Relay all the crucial details to your designer, including the specific materials, colour codes, shirt sizes, high-quality soft copy of your logo, and the particular typography for your shirt design.


A good t shirt printing shop in Singaporesends proof. Before they start printing your orders, they will send you a proof to ensure that they’re working on the correct design. The printer can send it via email or digital proof or hand out a test print of the shirt itself. Carefully review everything before the printing process gets started. Review your logo, slogan, words, colours, alignment, and numbers. Once all is good, pick your order up and check for everything. Ensure that the quality is good and the number of shirts equals your number of orders. 

Final Steps

Customised merch is a well-known outlet for creatives. When hiring a t shirt printing shop in Singapore, you can always ask them for their insights and thoughts about your design. You can also consider asking them for a great T-shirt design. A well-designed shirt can serve its practical purposes, whether you are using it for online selling, as a promotional tool or for other marketing uses. Ensure to choose a shirt, not just the design, but also the suitable fabric, style, and garment, that shows your branding. 

What other better way to promote and advertise your business free than wearing cosy shirts? Make a statement and use your tees for it.

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