All that You Should Know About Back Pain

Pain is an unpleasant feeling that reduces the quality of life for most people. Research shows that almost seventy million Americans suffer from back pain. Maybe you are among these people, and the back pain denies you the opportunity to perform your everyday activities or play your favorite game comfortably. The pain may be radiating from your spine or surrounding tissues. This pain is treatable through over-the-counter painkillers, but some pain will require more intervention. It is thus advisable that you reach out to specialists in back pain West Orange who treat even the most chronic pain. 

Classification of Back Pain

Doctors classify back pain into three broad categories depending on its duration. You experience acute back pain that can last for days or a few weeks in the first category. The second category concerns are subacute to pain that persists between one and three months. Besides, you can be experiencing chronic pain which goes beyond three months. General advice by the doctors is that you seek medical intervention immediately you experience back pain and avoid last-minute interventions. 

What Cause Back Pain 

There are diverse causes of back pain. For instance, you can be suffering from back pains because of underlying conditions or injuries. The following are the common causes of your back pain;

  • Sciatica 
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Sprains 
  • Radiculopathy
  • Scoliosis 
  • Herniated discs 
  • Degenerative disc disease 

Diagnosis of Back Pain 

Once you visit a medical facility, the doctor will take down your medical history and request your consent to perform a physical examination. The doctor will examine your back and evaluate whether you have difficulties sitting, standing, walking, or lifting your legs. During the evaluation, you will be requested to rate the pain and expound on how it affects your normal functioning. 

The physical examination and pain assessment help establish:

  • The source of the pain.
  • How often does the pain stop you from functioning
  • Existence of muscle spasms.

If the doctor has reason to suspect that the pain results from a specific condition, you will undergo any of the following tests;

X-ray images will show the alignment of your bones 

  • and point out the existence of arthritis or broken bones. 
  • MRI or CT scans will help evaluate if you suffer from herniated disks and other issues. 
  • Blood tests establish whether an infection causes back pain. 
  • Electromyography allows the doctor to study the nerves to identify whether the pain results from compressed nerves. 

The doctor will discuss the findings with you and go on to prescribe treatment. 

Treatment Available 

After the diagnosis, the doctor will advise you on the appropriate treatment. For instance, the specialist can recommend that you attend special clinics for physical therapy sessions. The doctor will advise you on exercises you can undertake at home to remedy the pain. Further, the doctor can prescribe pain medicine in addition to the therapy and exercises. 

If the doctor establishes that your pain emanates from the fascia, you will receive local anesthetic or steroids trigger point injections. The trigger point injections will deal with the inflammation and relax the muscles. Other treatments include; epidural injections, nerve blocks, transforaminal injections, and facet joint injections. 

Whether experiencing acute or chronic pain, Dr. Ira Siegel, MD, runs a Pain Center in New Jersey that specializes in treating back pain. The doctor offers non-invasive treatment, ensuring you have less downtime and a pain-free back. Therefore, if you suffer from back pain, request an appointment online and start your journey to recovery with the best specialist.