All-Time Best Telugu Hilarious Comedy Movies To Watch

Comedy is a movie genre that everyone likes. It entertains and brings people together like no other form of art. There’s no better way to relax and forget about problems than to watch a nice, positive movie and have a good laugh. And after all, laughter is the best medicine! Great Charlie Chaplin once said, “A day without comedy is a day wasted.”. Don’t waste another day! If you are looking for Telugu movies online, you’re in the right place.

Because of its strong cultural traits, Indian cinema is different than any other. Indian comedies have a sarcastic component and a specific sense of humor. They are often social satires that make you laugh but also deliver a strong message. It is no wonder that Bollywood is the second biggest movie industry in the world!

Telugu cinema, as a part of Indian cinema, has it’s a distinct style and adds to the cultural diversity. Telugu movies are getting a lot of attention lately, and Tollywood is quickly growing. It will soon become one of the most successful movie industries worldwide! Many people enjoy Telugu movies and if you’re interested in checking out some Telugu comedies, check out this list first. These are the three all-time best, must-watch Telugu comedies.

Family circus

Subbu is a manager in a company. His wife Durga and him adopt his deceased sister’s two sons, but then get twins of their own. With four children and all their mischief, the family is forced to move to different houses constantly. Finally, they find a place to settle, but only to realize that the neighborhood is completely crazy! To split bills, Subbu rents a part of his house to a man called Pataudi. But once he meets Pataudi’s family, he realizes that was a terrible mistake, and things get even crazier!


Chandu is a college student and sole inheritor of the ‘RS Brothers’ family company. Due to mischief, he has been estranged from his family by his uncle Raghupathi. On his last day of college, Chandu finds out that his friend’s girlfriend will marry someone else. To help him, Chandu and his friends make a plan to stop the wedding by kidnapping the bride. But they abduct the wrong bride, a girl named Pooja who was about to escape from her wedding anyway. Chandu and Pooja fall for each other, but her uncles are very strict and warring. To marry Pooja, Chandu first has to win over her family, which turns out to be more complicated than he first thought…


Vasu dreams of becoming a famous musician. His father, an IPS officer, dreams of Vasu becoming an officer too. After a fight, Vasu’s father kicks Vasu out of the house and hosts his old friend’s daughter, Divya. What he doesn’t know, is that Vasu is in love with Divya. Vasu comes back home by promising his father he will abandon his dreams of becoming a musician and find a real job, but he secretly applies for a Sony Music competition. Things get even better when Divya falls in love with him too, but she is already engaged to another man. Vasu wants to follow his dreams, but he also wants Divya… Can he have it all?

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