Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery Advantages

Are you dealing with limited mobility and chronic pain issues? Herniated disc and degenerative concerns can affect the quality of your life. It is a common problem as we age. Physical trauma and repetitive stress experienced wear down spinal discs. This causes them to shift and compress key structures, hence the pain and mobility issues. Following the extent, regular exercise and physical therapy can suffice.

Nonetheless, in other cases, the best course of action is surgery. Artificial disc replacement in Pittsburgh, PA, corrects loss of mobility, pain, and tingling experienced due to the degenerative or herniated disc. Artificial disc replacement offers many benefits, including:

Better mobility

The surgery does not improve your mobility. Nonetheless, it restores it to what it was by relieving the pressure around the nerves. This eliminates the numbness, tingling, and pain experienced. The surgery only affects the vertebra set housing the diseased disc. Since the artificial disc mimics a healthy spinal disc, it allows you to bend, twist, and flex, translating to better mobility. Mobility is a significant benefit, especially compared to the spinal fusion alternative.

Preserves other discs’ functions

While considering surgery, you could be torn between artificial discs and spinal fusion. Unless you do not qualify for the replacement, it is ideal as it preserves other discs. The artificial disc facilitates the maintenance of your spine’s natural flexibility. With fusion, the segment cannot naturally bend. This exposes the neighboring discs to more stress. Since the vertebrae won’t move as it normally does, the discs start to degenerate, meaning that you will experience new disc issues in time. Artificial disc replacement eliminates such concerns since you maintain movements that protect the nearby discs from degeneration.

Quick recovery period

Artificial disc replacement surgery is minimally invasive. You do not have to spend time in the hospital as it is typically performed as an outpatient procedure. The recovery process is also fast and comfortable. You could be up and walking the same day, but subject to your doctor’s orders. Within a few months, typically three, you will be back to your normal routine, including vigorous activities like running.

Long-lasting results

As medical technology hits new milestones, advanced solutions offer reliable results. Modern artificial discs are safer and strong, lasting for an extended period. They will not easily break, meaning that a second surgery is hardly needed. As you select a specialist, ensure that they use cutting-edge technology. This will allow you to take advantage of the latest tech and, with FDA-approved discs, enjoy long-lasting and reliable results.

Safe procedure

Surgery does not inspire confidence among many patients, and for good reasons. Wound healing, infection chances, a cut-gone-wrong; the risks can be significant. Nonetheless, artificial disc replacement is minimally invasive and a safe procedure. Moreover, the surgery does not involve bone grafts, as is the case with spinal fusion, further lowering the risks. The bottom line is ensuring that you select a reliable, reputable, and experienced doctor.

Are you a good artificial disc replacement surgery candidate? Contact Steel City Spine and Orthopedic Center to find out and schedule an appointment for the surgery. With an experienced specialist, you will be up and walking with no pain within a reasonable period.


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