Benefits of Fat Grafting for Facial Volume Restoration

Cosmetic medicine has made great strides in facial rejuvenation through cutting-edge innovations. However, techniques to improve facial volume have numerous challenges. Fortunately, fat grafting is an effective and safe treatment for addressing the loss of facial mass. Here is what to expect from Yorkville, Toronto, Canada facial fat grafting procedure.

Facial volume restoration challenges

Facial volume loss typically occurs as you get older. A sunken-in appearance can also develop due to extensive treatment with medication. Volume depletion may affect the eyes, cheeks, and nostrils.

Botox and alternative cosmetic procedures can eliminate wrinkles and fine lines. But they do not address the loss of fat on your face.

Research has enabled cosmetic specialists to establish how facial structure is affected by fat loss. Studies show the face tends to deflate rather than sag. Therefore, pulling back ligaments does not effectively rejuvenate your facial appearance.

Alternative procedures like hyaluronic acid fillers can increase facial volume for a short time. But facial fat grafting is the best option if you need a more permanent solution.

How fat grafting can address facial volume loss

Facial fat grafting is a minimally-invasive surgical procedure similar to liposuction. It involves extracting fat cells from your body and re-injecting the fat on the treatment site.

The advantage of using fat from your body rather than dermal fillers is that the former is more biocompatible. That means there is a low risk of your body rejecting the tissue.

Another advantage of using fat is that it is cheaper to obtain. Your provider can use higher quantities of fat to restore facial volume without any side effects.

The process may involve using fat before tightening ligaments. The mass of fat tissue provides adequate support for a facelift. Fat also offers more consistency for a wide range of facial volume problems.

Fat grafting can address volume depletion around the forehead, chin, and lips. It may also work with other modalities to treat burns, scars, and facial deformities.

What to expect from fat grafting procedure

Your provider will schedule an initial consultation to discuss your expectations. A medical review is necessary to determine if you are an ideal candidate. Patients with conditions that affect blood circulation should consider alternative treatments.

The fat grafting process begins with an assessment of your body to determine an extraction site. Your provider will have different specialized tools depending on the chosen location. Local anesthesia makes the extraction painless.

A special liposuction cannula reinjects fat into the treatment site. The transfer process requires expert knowledge of facial structures for optimal results.

Fat tissue must be delivered precisely to ensure consistency and prevent vascular damage. You may notice scarring at the extraction site, but it is minimal and usually disappears after a few weeks.

Your cosmetic specialist will process the fat sample before transferring tissues to the desired location. Washing and filtering remove impurities like oil, blood, and dead cells. Processing prevents infections and inflammation that could lead to complications.

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