Classic Hardwood Floors: Hard to Beat

Hardwood floors have come back in style. Actually, it’s more accurate to say they never left! Carpet, which seemed so luxurious and fitting years back, now often is viewed as less than ideal. Carpet appeal has faded under the cold, harsh light of modern hygiene realities. Those with active lifestyles desire cleanliness and beautiful lines in their homes. Thankfully, many carpets still have restorable hardwood floors beneath them! There are a number of great possibilities to think about when you consider hardwood floor refinishing Phoenix area options. 

What Type of Finish?

Maybe you want to go completely old school. Bring that floor back to its original finish. Just that natural wood look. Or perhaps you want to highlight it a touch more. A satin finish on that hardwood floor gives an almost unnoticeable low reflection sheen. Semi-gloss finish adds more reflective shine. Gloss makes the floor reflect like glass! A redone hardwood floor is definitely going to be a highlight of the room and house. Exactly how much you want it to shine is your call!

Meeting the Challenges

Although the dry climate helps lessen somewhat the hardwood floor refinishing Phoenix necessities, hardwood floors can still take a beating. It’s the nature of life! But for those with adequate knowledge and the latest technology, floor repairs can be made to bring that old wood back to its original glory. Engineered modern wood surfaces can be more difficult to restore due to having only a thin surface veneer of real wood. Conventional sanders will often go right through that veneer. Special technologies and skills have been developed by the best companies in wood floor restoration to meet that challenge. Companies like One-Stop Flooring have mastered the art of hardwood flooring. They also do bamboo and laminate flooring, even Kahrs Flooring, holding main dealership for all ranges of Kahrs engineered wood flooring in the UK.

The Finishing Process

What should you expect if you decide to restore that beautiful hardwood? Well, any old carpet, ceramic tile, or other flooring will need to come up. The old finish is then removed. Trowels are used to fill any nicks or dings. Afterwards, the floor is sanded and hand edged. Nowadays, due to advanced technology, this process is some 99.9% dust free. Next, you choose the desired finish color. Finally, two coats of commercial grade finish should be applied to give the floor the luster and sheen you desire.

The Right Company

What should you look for in a company to refinish your floor? First, you definitely want a local company with experience. You want a company that is up to date technologically, with proven skills. Glowing testimonials that equal the sheen of that floor are called for, as well! Thankfully, for all hardwood floor refinishing Phoenix projects, there are such companies. At least one in this area has been in business for almost fifty years, crafting hardwood floors nearly as durable and unique as the mountains! Mission Hardwood Floor Company offers unmatched craftsmanship and diligence for all jobs, large and small.