Common Questions About Dentures- Answered!

Dentures are prosthetic devices used to replace missing teeth and the tissues surrounding them. They aid in the restoration of your teeth as well as the restoration of your smile and confidence. If you have suffered from tooth decay or an accident that left you without all your teeth, dentures are a great option to replace your original ones. They facilitate tasks such as eating and speaking and improve physical appearance.


A Wichita Falls cosmetic dentist is experienced in providing you with the right fitting dentures and will help you clear up all your doubts regarding the procedure. There are a lot of questions surrounding dentures. Some of the most commonly asked questions about dentures are as follows: 


  • What are the types of complete dentures available?


There are three types of complete dentures available.

Immediate: They are prepared before your teeth are extracted and placed in your mouth immediately after extraction.


  1. Conventional: They are also prepared before teeth extraction, but they are not placed in your mouth before properly healing your gums and jaw.
  2. Equilibrated: They are also known as balanced or precise dentures as they are the most comfortable and precisely made dentures. They aim to provide comfort and stability like your original teeth.


  • What is the average cost of dentures?


A denture set can range in price from $1000 to $15000, depending on the quality and materials used.


  • Is it okay to sleep in dentures?


It is generally recommended to take off your dentures at night to give rest to your gums and jaw bones and disinfect your dentures.


  • How much pain do dentures cause? 


Dentures can cause minor irritation and pain for the first four weeks. The discomfort gets better with time as you get used to it.


  • When is the right time to reline dentures? 


For good gum health, it is recommended that you realign or replace your dentures every 2 to 3 years.


  • Are dentures comfortable?


Yes, the right-sized dentures are comfortable, and you will barely feel anything while wearing them.


  • Do dentures require brushing?


Yes, you should brush your dentures daily with a soft-bristled toothbrush to remove food debris. Cleaning them daily also helps to avoid the buildup of plaque. 


  • Can I eat with dentures?


Yes, you can eat with dentures. Some food items like chewing gum, candies, popcorn, and nuts should be avoided as they are not denture-friendly. Sticky food items, in general, should be avoided while wearing dentures.

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