Early Childhood Education – Better Opportunities For All Children

Early Childhood Education – Better Opportunities For All Children

Early access to good education, upbringing, and care opens up opportunities for the best possible future for our children. Even in the first years of life, the foundations for successful development are laid. Because education begins with birth: from day one, children discover, explore, and shape their world. The family is the child’s first important place of learning and education. In addition, there are daycare facilities, including the family centers as well as child daycare, which can significantly enrich early childhood education, upbringing, and care.

The early childhood education program [หลักสูตรการศึกษาปฐมวัย which is the term in Thai] conditions should be improved regardless of the social or cultural background of the parents. These include the access of all children to a variety of learning opportunities, good quality of educational opportunities, and the design of successful transitions from the family to daycare to elementary school.

When it comes to the best possible development and early childhood education of our children, all players in the environment of children are required. As educational partners, the pedagogical specialists and teachers support you as parents as early as possible in educational educational game set [ชุดเกมการศึกษา which is the term in Thai] and training tasks – responsibly and in a dialogue based on partnership.

The principles form a common understanding of education and parenting in elementary and primary education. The guideline accompanies and supports the pedagogical specialists and teachers in elementary and primary education in their daily work. The focus is on children with their unique individuality. Among other things, the pedagogical principles convey the goals for education, upbringing, and care in the first years of life as well as their observation and documentation.

As parents, you place the most valuable value on the educational professionals you have: your children. Close and trusting cooperation between parents, porters, and institutions is indispensable. This cooperation is strengthened by the legally institutionalized parental participation in daycare centers. Make active use of your rights in the selected parent advisory councils, from the institution through the local youth office districts to the state level, to realize your interests and develop trusting cooperation at all levels.

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