Easy Ways to Keep Your Jewels Sparkling

While we put in enough effort washing our hands regularly to remain secure, we don’t give enough effort to keep our jewelry clean and secure. While we’re not asking you to clean your jewellery every day, it is essential to do it as frequently as possible. Doing so ensures the shine and grace of the jewellery remain intact. As dust particles can stick to any surface, the shine you cherish so dearly can easily be lost. Take washing your jewels seriously if you don’t want that to happen.

Luckily, cleaning jewels is easy and only takes a few minutes. So if you can spare a few minutes every month, it is possible to ensure that your precious stones are in top condition. Here are a few simple and doable actions to ensure that your jewellery and jewels are shining!

Make sure to remove your jewels before hand washing

When we wash our hands often, taking off jewellery from your fingers and your wrists is of paramount importance. The presence of germs could be evident on our skin beneath the bracelets or rings. Washing your hands wearing jewellery would result in the bacteria persisting within your pores.

Additionally, exposure to soaps and disinfectants can diminish the shine of jewellery. Therefore, you must set your jewellery off while you wash your hands, allowing your jewellery to keep its shine. If you’ve purchased your precious gemstones and jewellery from a reputed online jewellery store, you can contact them for professional-level jewellery and gemstone cleaning. 

Sanitize only hard stones

Jewellery made of solid gold and more durable gemstones such as diamonds can be easily cleaned using a mild soap solution. Use a soft cloth or brush and the mild soap solution to scrub the jewellery gently for some time. The jewellery surface needs special attention while scrubbing. If you often use sanitizer to clean your hands, we would recommend keeping your jewels away from them. Exposing your precious jewellery to sanitizer can affect its shine and quality.

Make use of luke warm water and a mild dish soap

Simply mix warm water with mild dish solutions to clean your jewellery. Once the mixture is prepared, gently place your precious jewellery and gemstones inside it and let it soak for a couple of seconds. Then clean the surface using the softest cloth or toothbrush with soft bristles. Repeat this process every month to ensure the cleanliness of your jewellery and gemstones.

Additionally, for soft stones such as pearls, avoid exposure to water. You can use a soft, clean cloth to gently rub it to remove any dust or dirt from its surface. If the gemstone comes in touch with water, dry it immediately with a clean, soft cloth. 

As we try to be prevent bacteria and germs from spreading by frequent cleaning, these basic techniques are certain to prevent dust and dirt from spreading, affecting your overall jewellery. If you really adore your precious gemstones and jewellery, you should take the time to apply these tips for cleaning. Try at least once per month and watch your jewellery and gemstones shine bright. These tips will ensure your gemstones sparkle as if they’re brand new.