Essential Guide on How Much You Should Bet Per Round or Hand in Online Gambling

New gamblers who have never played casino games such as blackjack, roulette, or craps, can find it challenging to know the right amount they should bet every hand or round. Of course, they want to make sure they can afford the betting amount for each round. Additionally, there is a need to understand the minimum or maximum bet amounts you are required to stake in any particular game you play.

Proper money management is a crucial aspect in any form of gambling, including online casino Malaysia. Most players in online casinos have failed miserably due to improper management of their money as well as poor attitudes towards gambling as a whole. You need to realize that odds are forever stacked against you as a gambler. For this reason, you should never take gambling as a quick shortcut to riches; instead, do it mostly for fun in your spare time.

How to Know How Much You Should Be Betting

The best way to set your gambling limits is to establish your budget size as well as the session duration you plan to spend playing the game. For instance, say you have a budget of $500 and an allocated time of four hours. You need to allocate 10% of your total budget and discount it any calculations. This way, your bankroll will have something left in case luck doesn’t fall by your side. Left with $450, you will need to break it down for the duration you will be playing.

Let’s say you get ten hands or rounds per hour on average, meaning 40 shots in four hours. Dividing $450 by 40 gives you $11.25. This is the possible amount you can gamble with regularly throughout your four-hour session. No casino would allow betting for any change. Thus your actual betting amount per rounds/hand would be $10. You can decide to use this strategy for any budget and time set for gambling. It is the most sensible way to plan your gambling responsibly and avoid losing all your money in online casinos.

Thoroughly Practice Before Hitting the Casino

Before you the thought of how much you’ll spend on gambling crosses your mind, you need to thoroughly learn all the basics involved in playing a particular online casino game alongside all the rules involved. After walking in a casino, there is no chance that you will find a place to learn how to play the game unless you become a spectator as others watch. The same applies to online casinos. You thus need to practice more using demo accounts, as well as seek help from seasoned players in sports betting Malaysia on how to play the game.


Understanding how much money you should be betting per round or hand is crucial in helping you become successful in online betting. Follow the tips and guidelines provided above to avoid losing your money and betting irresponsibly.