Exclusive Features for Online Casinos

Throughout this past year, many different online services have found a surge in new players as the lockdown efforts put in place granted many of us more free time and the inability to follow our usual favourite pastimes – many of these online services have exclusive and unique features that won’t be found in offline locations too leading many to believe that the players gained during this period of time will be retained, but what are some of these features?

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Multi-play games – In more traditional locations, if you’re playing on one machine or on one table, you’re unable to fill the downtime with something else – online casinos however let you play multiple games at once like these, whether you’re on the slots and looking to place a bet or playing roulette whilst playing hands of poker to, online casinos let you customise the way you play to gain the most enjoyment from every moment.

Alternative payment methods – Earlier in the year, the UK introduced a ban to credit card payments for all gambling and betting related activities, and for offline locations this may have caused a big gap in the market where an increasing number of players would be unable to take part, online casinos however offer a huge variety of payment methods for all players with crypto being one of the big changes and have allowed many players who would have otherwise been disrupted by this ban to continue participating, and with other countries potentially lining up the change too, the online space is looking much more inviting.

Favourable regulation – Different countries will also hold many different gaming and gambling rules, you may not be able to get the best odds or in some cases be unable to even access certain platforms or games – other initiatives such as Gamstop have also aimed at reducing participation in similar ways. To combat this, many operators now register their business in countries with more favourable gambling regulation aimed at giving the consumer the best odds possible, and with little to stop users playing on these sites too, they’re certainly rising in popularity and will become the premium method of playing in the near future. 

No verification play – One feature becoming more common recently has been the rise of no verification casinos – with so many different services available online, it’s often hard to find which could be your favourite if you’re required to go through a long verification process each time, these services allow you to simply jump on and play at your leisure, and if you like the site you can continue returning.

As different methods are put in place to slow the growth of these online services and to encourage players to return to brick and mortar locations, the number of different online features will continue to grow – with the increasing possibility that some of these services may also come to the app stores and marketplaces in the near future too many may become more accessible than ever before.