Fish Shoot Gambling to Win Online

The gamblers in Asia and Indonesia are excited with the Judi TembakIkan. The game is set for a set of 4 players.

The game is very easy to play and very interesting to the player. The animations and display features are attractive to the players. It enriches your gaming as you can win money playing TembakIkan

 What does the game offer?

 Jackpot – the game is more of shooting fish to win. The smaller fish you can ignore as your opponent fire may shoot and kill them. To get the jackpot you’ll aim for the monster fish and earn more credits. The credits give you ammunition to continue shooting to victory. You’ll have to develop special skills in winning.

The game is among the easy online slot casino that gives a chance to all to win. The excitement and concentration will be an experience with TembakIkan online. The more fish you shoot, the more chances of winning the game.

Remember the opponents are 3 and anyone can win.

How it Works 

The game is in different versions and the players need to add skill from the first generation version to the next.

To win the game consider the following steps

Target the big fish – the fish available to you range from the smallest to the biggest referred to as a monster. When you shoot the big fish, you get more points and credits. The points you gather from shooting fish is converted to credit. You use the credits to buy ammunition.

Row shooting to find the target- more effort is required to do the shooting in a row. Chances of loss are also there but with the tactic, you can win.The row killing of fish gives you a leeway towards victory. When you miss the target your points are deducted and when the opponents miss, you gain.

Your focus should be on the Frog – the gold dark green frog to be is to be turned off again and again as you increase your chances of winning a jackpot.

 Aim at the big fish protected by small fish – your target remains the big fish. As much as possible ignore the small fish and aim at the surrounded target fish. When your bullet hits the target your possibilities increase. The small fish to add you points but the ammunition may reduce without hitting your target.

Don’t misuse the bullets – when you increase your points, the bullets at your disposal get strengthened for the kill. The bullets are to hit the target for you to win. Getting your bullets finished before then means you’re on the losing side. Be timely to hit the target and not the small fish. Don’t miss the golden opportunity when it presents itself.

Move tables – if you find your positioning is disadvantaging you, strategically move to another sitting position. When unlucky,  try this method to safeguard your position in the game.

Moving your table / sitting area, this method is applied if you are unlucky to be sitting in the position when you are currently playing and looking for luck at another table so you can win this game and receive lots of coins.

Play for fun – don’t miss the excitement with the adrenaline rush. Remember you’re enjoying your game and play with ease. The tension can bring emotions that will lead to a loss. Be calm and composed to win the TembakIkan JOKER123.