Guide to sending secure, private notes with privnote

Send Secret Notes with Privnote — TwitTwooYou LimitedPrivnote is an invaluable online tool that allows you to send encrypted, self-destructing notes to others. The recipient cannot forward, copy, store, or share your messages without your permission. It is a free web service that generates a unique link for each text note you create. You include plain text, images, documents, and other files. The note only be viewed once by the recipient you share the link with. After it is viewed, the note is automatically deleted forever from Privnote’s servers. It prevents unauthorized access or redistribution of your private messages. Your notes are also encrypted end-to-end by default for enhanced security. Optional password protection offers an extra layer of privacy.

Step-by-step guide to sending private notes

Follow these simple steps to start sending ultra-secure texts with Privnote:

  1. Go to– The official website is Make sure you access the legitimate site to create your private notes.
  2. Compose your note – You type or paste any text you want into the main field. Feel free to include confidential information knowing it won’t be stored or leaked.
  3. Attach images or files – If you want to include any images, documents, or other files with your note, click the attachment icon to select them from your device.
  4. Set self-destruct timer – By default, note self-destruct after being viewed once. You also set an expiry timer by clicking on the clock icon. It ranges from 1 hour up to 7 days.
  5. Add a password – For an extra layer of privacy, you password-protect your Privnote by entering one in the ‘Set password’ field. Be sure to share this separately with the recipient.
  6. Preview your note – Preview your Privnote before sending it to check everything looks right. You can edit it at this stage if you need to change anything. Once you’re ready, click the ‘Create link’. It generates a unique URL for your note. Copy this link and share it via email or, a messaging app.
  7. Recipient views note – The recipient simply clicks the Privnote link you sent them to view your secure message in their browser. No signup or account is required. After they view your note once, it is automatically erased forever from Privnote’s encrypted servers. 

Advanced privnote tips

Turn on ‘Burn after reading’ to have notes self-destruct immediately after being read rather than kept for 1 hour by default. Change link settings to disable forwarding (stops recipients sending the Privnote URL to others) and disable printing (stops note content being printed). Privnote URLs always have 10 random characters. Do not use any meaningful words or dates in your custom URLs. For ultimate privacy, use Privnote with VPN and the Tor browser when creating sensitive notes.

Privnote is the ultimate way to send notes, texts, and files while retaining total control even after hitting send. With encrypted self-destructing messages, you securely share private information without fear of leaks, stored, or shared by recipients. Follow this guide to start sending your own secure Privnotes in just minutes. The peace of mind of knowing your confidential messages stay private is invaluable.