Hair Transplant: How to Know if You Are A Good Candidate

Have you been researching the available hair restoration options? Hair loss can affect your confidence. If you are not comfortable with how the loss affects your looks, your self-esteem can take a blow. This extends to more faculties, significantly affecting your productivity and quality of life. Fortunately, with the best hair transplant specialist Lakewood Ranch, you can restore it, providing the lifeline needed to boost your confidence levels.

Hair transplant is cost-effective, results in a natural-looking hairline, and requires low-maintenance hair care. While ideal for virtually anyone, you need to establish if you are a good candidate before progressing with the procedure. The best specialist can help you weigh a few factors to determine if a hair transplant is right for you. Among the top considerations include:

Your health

Are you healthy enough? While a hair transplant is safe, your health condition must be factored in, ensuring it does not expose you to many risks and complications. Certain medications, for example, blood thinners, could adversely affect the procedure and results. Moreover, if you have chronic conditions like diabetes, talking to a specialist is crucial. It helps establish how the conditions can affect the hair transplant, ensuring you undertake a customized approach for the best progress and results.

The hair

Where do you fall on the hair loss chart? As the specialist considers the hair, they look at how much you have lost and the amount of donor’s hair available. Hair color, texture, density, thickness, and scalp flexibility/laxity are also considered. For instance, if you have high scalp laxity, thicker, dense, and curly/waxy hair, the transplant will be easier and results great. This gets better if you have similar hair and skin color, for example, dark skin. This is considering the scalp and hair color contrast; basically, the higher the contrast, the more apparent the balding appearance.


Are you committed to a healthy lifestyle? Healthy nutrition, exercises, and stress management are good for your hair and overall health. If you are not committed to such a lifestyle, a hair transplant will only go far since the body is not balanced for the best results. You also need to be committed to the recommended after-procedure care. This minimizes the recovery time and discomforts and facilitates the realization of the best results. A hair transplant procedure is not a magic fix; you need to play your part to achieve the best possible results.


Do you expect dramatic results after one treatment and within a few weeks? Setting realistic expectations is important. The procedure only takes a few hours. However, the results might not be as fast. It takes a few months to start noticing significant results. Moreover, following your hair loss extent, you might need more procedures for the best results. If your expectations cannot accommodate such concerns, you are not a good candidate.

You can have a hair transplant procedure at almost any age. The bottom line is considering your health and hair loss outlay in the future. Navigating such concerns is a breeze with the best professional by your side. Contact or visit Honest Hair Restoration for consultations and hair transplant procedures.